PRODUCT NAME: Welding Curtains
COMPANY NAME: Mehta Sanghvi & Co.
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PVC Welding Curtains: Use and Application

Welding curtains are useful in industrial/contract sites where there is arc welding or metal grinding activity that generates sparks. Sparks or welding arc is harmful to the naked eye, for workers or passer-bys, it is therefore important for visual safety that curtains are used.
Welspring's approved and tested welding curtains would provide adequate visual protection for people in near proximity to welding/grinding activities, where exposure to high intensity welding sparks and light could be harmful.
Welspring's welding curtains meet CE EN1598-2011 norms, ensuring the curtain material has acceptable transparency, reflectance, UV resistance, and flame resistance.

Undivided Partitions

Using 75 ft (23 m) curtain rolls with eyelets on one side

PVC Strip Partitions

PVC partitions are useful in industrial/contract sites where arc welding or metal grinding activity can cause visual harm. The strip partitions provide flexibility of user/machine/equipment movement through the partitioned area. The strips can be easily crossed without compromising on the workplace safety.

welding Booths

Welding booths are collapsible & portable enclosures that can be carried to an industrial/contract site where arc welding or metal grinding activity is prevalent. A welding booth provides the user with a protected, cordoned off area, which inhibits the bright and harmful arc welding/metal grinding sparks from leaving the booth. Thereby reducing any harm to other people on site.
Our welding booths are made with steel frames and PVC welding curtains.


  • Each section easily slides in for locking
  • Pipe joints have screwless push fit snap locks
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Made of 1" (25mm) round tube

*Actual curtain sizes are slightly smaller than the metal frame, as they are made to fit the frame.
*Special custom to order sizes can also be supplied

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