NANO-TECHNOLOGY Based HIGH EndWelding Machine Advantage for India


As India is growing day by day and A Nation coming out towards a Welder’s Nation, it is our Primary Duty to support the Industry with such Growing Technology Requirement. Our High End Welding Machine Nano- Technology by OTC Daihen Welbee Series is the Most Advanced Welding Power Source in the World. WELBEE means Welding’s Best Electronic Engine, Daihen has Invested around 10 Million Dollars in Developing the LSI Nano Technology Chip. This Technology helps the Welbee

most Flexible and Versatile Model to work in every Industrial Field where Welding is required. In Welding Feed-Back Time of Machine plays and crucial role in the Welding Output Generation of Welding Machine. In Welbee being a Nano Tech, its feedback time is 0.20 Nano Seconds which is super-fast. So ultimately, the more faster the feed-back, faster are corrections and manipulations of Current and Voltage and we get a stable and consistent output.

Now being a Advanced Welding Power Source, this Power Source is Industry 4.0 ready, Automation Ready, you can put in Synergic Lines and Wave-Forms as per specific applications required for welding. Welbee Series is Capable of Welding MS/ SS/AL/GI/Inconel/Titanium in MIG as well as TIG Process.

We are sharing a reference of a German Company where we recently supplied with Our OTC Daihen Welbee M500 Model – 100% Duty Cycle for MS-MS / SS- MS / SS-SS Welding with Manual Source. The Samples were welded and being critical welding, these welded samples were put through testing processes as per LnT Standards and cleared all RT and UT Testings flawlessly. Now currently we have supplied around 6 High End Power

Sources with our Kobelcco Special Wires to complete the Job. Images are shared for your reference.

Recently we participated in one of the Prime Industrial Exhibition in Pune. We are Happy to share that we received the Best Product Display and Best Exhibit award for the same. In this Exhibition we have Launched 2 new products to our basket, those are GYS France make Welding and Cutting Systems and Our Own Product ‘Fine-Spatter Free Spray’. We are now expanding our Horizons and are now focusing on Export Markets tagged along with our Welding and Automation Expertise, to flourish in International Markets as well. Some Glimpses of the Exhibition are also attached for your information.

New Development for HARDOX Welding with 2.4 mm Wire with New Developed MIG Welding Set-up. Recently we got an opportunity to address a new welding challenge at customer end. Doing Hardox welding in itself is very challenging due to its brittle behavior while welding, ultimately leading to welding cracks and defects.

Doing it in MMA process is as it is Slow Process and the Consumables Cost is high with a high rate of losses due to the MMA Process. Addressing to this as the challenges were very clear of Excessive cost for the process, Wastage, Spatters generation, Weld Consistency and Quality, Time Consumption , Welding Cracks – We came up with a Solution to overcome all of the challenges mentioned .

We were Fast to address and took the challenge and delivered it flawlessly at customer end ultimately solving all the challenges raised by the customer. We now have this solution for any 2.4 mm / 3.2 mm wire that can be used for any Material Welding required. Sharing the glimpses of the same to give you a outlook of the system.

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