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    Since 1995 Bymat GmbH has been known as the leading German manufacturer of cleaning & embossing machines for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and embossing of stainless steels on an environmentally friendly basis.

    Utilising the latest technology, we offer our customers cost-effective, fast and effective ways of weld cleaning. Our high-quality weld cleaning equipment quickly removes oxides created during the welding process, restoring the original material colour in an environmentally friendly manner. It also re-passivates the welds.

    Using this electrochemical surface treatment, the use of toxic pickling pastes can be either reduced or completely replaced. In addition, it is now possible to clean and polish using our high-performance brush.

    Dark and Light marking of all conductive metal surfaces is another optional function of our cleaning and embossing machines which many of our customers utilise further increasing productivity and quality of the finished product.

    Due to the different model ranges (Baseline, Classic Line and Premium Line) there is a model to suit every user demands.

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