The Remarkable Journey of the Tool of India: Tata Agrico


Since its inception in 1907, Tata Steel- a multinational steel-making company has touched the lives of millions of people across the world through the outstanding steel they produce. Founded by Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, it gradually penetrated every aspect of a person’s life, from the vehicle being driven to the bridge being crossed to the home being lived in, eventually becoming one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers with global operations across 26 countries.

During this remarkable period in Tata Steel’s history, in 1925, the company ventured into agri implements and tools with the brand, Tata Agrico.



Tata Agrico began its journey as the pioneer of top-quality agricultural implements and hand-tools such as crowbars, sickles, hoes, and shovels, before foraying into other products such as pickaxes and hammers. The brand became a household name in the country, eventually spreading its wings with Garden tools and trade hand tools in early 2000 and with its second wave of diversification in 2017 the brand ventured into Industrial and Hardware consumables tools offering electrode, MIG Wire, Abrasives, Fasteners and more. From the field to the factory, home to garage, today Tata Agrico tools has served 15 million customers through 270+ channel partners and 12000+ dealers.


Every businessperson is aware that investing in high-quality tools is imperative for businesses depending on heavy equipment and machinery. Whether you run a construction site, manufacturing plant or any other type of industrial company, the right tools can increase your profits, productivity and efficiency, manifold. 

Tata Agrico Industrial & Hardware consumables tools come with the promise of improved precision and performance. The tools are so designed that they can withstand extreme conditions and heavy usage ensuring rigorous inspection process for quality assurance before delivering its products to customers, cementing its legacy.


For the brand, the customer comes first, and thus, it offers products with a customer-centric focus that makes them not just convenient and easy to use, but also safer.

While the range is exhaustive and each product has its unique benefits, we listed a few of them with outstanding performance.

TATA AGRICO ELECTRODES: A welding genius, Tata Agrico Electrodes find application in various welding tasks on storage tanks, railway wagons, trucks, pressure pipes, boilers, gate and grills, tractors, trolleys, general fabrication and more. Each E6013 electrode is a medium-coated rutile type that ensures low spatter, a smooth arc and easy slag removal. The fact that it provides a radiographic-quality weld deposit, which renders it usable in various operating positions, makes it extremely welder-friendly. It works best in a lower current range which means it is energy efficient, but most importantly, it is much safer to use. 

MIG WIRE: It is essential that the MIG wire being used for a welding task is of the topmost quality so that the weld does not acquire undesired pinholes and a non-uniform bead. Moreover, dust, dirt, rust and other contaminants on the welding surface can lower material weldability. However, with Tata Agrico MIG wires that have a uniform copper coating, the customer can rest assured of obtaining a smooth wire feeding and a radiographic-quality weld.

The high-quality C-Mn steel copper-coated solid wire can be applied with 100% CO2 and Ar+CO, and is suitable for applications where dirt, rust or mill scale is present. This is why, from shipbuilding to pressure vessels, LPG cylinders to mining equipment, and industrial to general fabrication, Tata Agrico MIG wires are extensively used across industries!

ABRASIVES: Of precise cuts and accurate grinds, Tata Agrico brings a range of abrasives that has made life easier for many industrial workers. There is some tool for every purpose and application—from cutting wheels to the grinding ones. All these tools come in diverse sizes, are durable, long lasting, ensure burn and burr-free cutting applications and enhanced performance. 

Made of high-quality virgin carbide tips, the TCT Wood Cutting Blade comes in 4 inch and 5 inches with 30 and 40 teeth and is long lasting. The ATB tip arrangement ensures cleaner cuts while the superior alloy steel body allows for extra strength, preventing chipping during cutting. 

The Diamond Saw Cutting Blade is another Tata Agrico abrasive that cuts through granite, marble, tiles, and concrete with remarkable smoothness. This efficient cutting blade is available in segmented, turbo and continuous types, works best when water is used as a coolant, and like the TCT Wood Cutting Blade, has a smooth cutting edge that promises no chipping and a premium finish, every single time!

Tata Agrico’s impressive range of abrasives is incomplete without its Flap Disc. Offering the perfect premium finish, this tool removes heavy and finer finishing materials. The high-quality base cloth ensures longevity and high bonding guarantees durability. The tool is coated with Aluminum oxide and comes from 36 to 120 grits which can be used based on application.

Ideal for metal fabrication, maintenance repair and general industrial application, Tata Agrico abrasives is a range you can trust blindly. What is more? They have all been certified by the highest safety rating for abrasives, the EN12413 certification, making them your go-to tools for any industrial cutting and grinding requirement.

FASTENERS: For any fastening job, it is essential that instead of relying on standard nails, one deploys a fastener that is easy to use and comes with strong tacking power. Tata Agrico Drywall Screws and Self-Drilling Screws come to the rescue!

Ideal for securely fixing a range of materials, including wood, plywood, plasterboard and more, Tata Agrico Drywall Screws are best for securing drywalls to ceilings or walls. Made from hardened carbon steel, they are versatile in terms of use, long-lasting, corrosion resistant and penetrate substrates easily. So, there is no need for pre-drilling, and installations happen remarkably quickly!

Similarly, Tata Agrico Self-Drilling Screws, too, are easy to use, penetrate surfaces without difficulty, and are certified by the world-renowned SGS Lab. Each self-drilling screw is exceptionally strong and is covered with a Ruspert coating that protects all the layers from corrosion. They are also tested for a thousand hours with salt spray to make them suitable for usage in coastal areas.


As Tata Agrico approaches its centenary milestone in 2025, it stands as a testament to a century of innovation, quality, and reliability. With a rich heritage spanning 100 years, the brand has continuously evolved, adapting to changing agricultural and industrial landscapes, while maintaining its commitment to excellence. 

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