InVMA to provide ESAB® Welding & Cutting Products with IoT services and consultancy


InVMA –  the leading PTC IoT partner and ThingWorx System Integrator – is pleased to announce a new contract with ESAB® the world’s leading manufacturer of welding and cutting products and solutions. InVMA will advise on the system architecture of the new platform and deliver the user interface and key elements of the next generation of ESAB’s WeldCloud platform to be powered by Microsoft Azure IoT and PTC’s ThingWorx ® Industrial Innovation Platform.
ESAB’s new platform will connect digital ecosystems for welding and cutting. Currently available as ESAB WeldCloud and ESAB CutCloud the new platform will include a number of ground breaking new features.  For welding and cutting customers, ESAB provides digital methods of documentation (required by regulation in some critical applications), better views into productivity and a much richer ability to manage their physical assets. For instance, customers can subscribe to diagnostic analytic messages about the health of their welding power source.
“We have selected InVMA as an innovation partner to support us on our Data Driven Advantage Program because they have consistently demonstrated their strategic and practical capabilities. They have a proven ability to work across the stack of technologies required to turn these ideas into reality,” said Mike Pantaleano VP Data Driven Advantage/Digital Solutions, ESAB.
ESAB selected InVMA following InVMA’s development of the Uptime platform for ESAB’s sister company, Howden Group.  Uptime is a connected application that enables Howden’s customers to optimise the performance of Howden’s family of Industrial Compressors. The solution provides a digital twin representation of Howden’s equipment which provides stakeholders with the ability to monitor and make decisions about the actual asset, its context, and its current and predicted future state.
“As Colfax Group embraces the opportunities provided by the PTC and Microsoft technologies, InVMA has been instrumental in helping us maximise the value of our investment across the group of companies,” said Ryan Cahalane Vice President, Digital Growth at Colfax Corporation.
“We’re pleased and excited to be involved in this project,” said Patrick Nash, Managing Director at InVMA. “Combined PTC and Microsoft technologies provide the Colfax Group of companies with the best Industrial IoT solution and support their key growth strategy of Data Driven Advantage (DDA).”