Corodur Fülldraht GmbH : Stood for first-class wear protection with flux-cored welding wires


Intro: The company’s product range extends from cored wire electrodes for welding without inert gas, for MIG / MAG welding and for submerged arc welding, to stick electrodes for wear protection and use in the field of high-alloy materials, to tungsten carbide products for the most extreme loads. 

Corodur 200 K
The austenitic weld deposit of the CORODUR® 200 high-alloyed flux cored wire electrode is corrosion resistant, work hardening, anti-magnetic, and heat and thermal shock resistant up to 850 °C. Depending on the high elongation (40%), the alloy is suitable for ductile buffer layers on old hardfacings, for joining dissimilar and difficult-to-weld steels and impact-loaded parts.
C-Cr-V-Nb-B- alloyed flux cored wire electrode for extreme mineral wear. The weld deposit has a high scratch hardness. Applications are sinter plants, lignite mining machines, gravel industry, chains, etc. It should be pre-heated and held at a temperature of 450 °C. The cooling rate should be slow and preferably in a furnace. Welded with 2-3 layers (max. 10 mm).
Corodur 250 K
An excellent choice for a highly Mn-Cr- alloyed flux cored wire is the CORODUR® 250 K. The fully austenitic weld material has high plasticity and acts as a plastic buffer. Deposits have a work hardening up to 500 HB, are stainless and non-magnetic. CORODUR® 250 K is suitable for welding buffer layers before welding over old hardfacings, because it deposits a ductile weld metal. The deposit resists high shrinkage stresses and impact loadings.
Corodur MAX TIC
For parts that are exposed to high abrasive wear in combination with impact stress, C-Cr-Ti- and Mo- alloyed flux-cored wire electrode is unbeatable. The microstructure of the deposit is a martensitic matrix with inserted Titanium carbides.
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