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    Maxfil-12R (AWS Code: SFA 5.20 E71T1C) is meant for the FCAW process with a focus on the Like Supratherme (Vocal for local)as its main application.Maxfil-12R is an all position mild steel flux cored wire designed for optimum performance when using 100% CO2 shielding. The wire is characterized with smooth metal transfer, uniform welding even on vertical-up stringer beads and easy slag removal. Filler contour is flat to slightly convex with equal leg lengths and uniform sidewall wetting. Weld metal is of radiographic quality. Maxfil-12R is designed for single and multi-pass welding of low and medium carbon steels like; SA- 36, A/B/C/D grades of SA-283, A/B/C grades of SA-285, A/B grades of SA-414, etc. This product is know for its Economical fabrication, For continuous welding, For all CS steel applications. It is used by companies like JSW STEEL , L&T HYDROCARBON , SG HEAVY ENGINEERING.


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