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    CNM (SPL) M (AWS Code: SFA 5.5 E12018M) is meant for the SMAW process with a focus on the High Strengthas its main application.Basic coated electrode with a stable and smooth arc, easy to strike and restrike. Low spatter and good bead finish. Welds are of radiographic quality. The weld metal displays good crack resistance and produces sound weld metal possessing excellent strength combined with good impact properties at subzero temperature. It is suitable for joining many high strength, low alloy or micro alloyed steels to themselves or to lower strength steels, including carbon steels. Ideally suited for welding earth moving equipment and other heavy equipment. This product is known for its Suitable for many high strength low alloy or micro-alloyed steels, For welding earth moving equipment and other heavy equipment.. It is used by companies like ORDINANCE FACTORY,MURADNAGAR, , GOVT WORKS.


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