Celebrating a New Chapter: Yaskawa India’s Newly renovated Chennai Office Inauguration


Yaskawa India Pvt. Ltd. recently marked a significant milestone with the inauguration of its newly refurbished office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This momentous occasion, held on 26th April 2024, was attended by employees from both Bangalore and Chennai regions along with their families. The presence of Yaskawa India’s President – Mr. Shailendra Salvi and Director & COO – Mr. Ajay Gurjar added to the grandeur of the event, signifying the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s journey towards excellence.The festivities began with a traditional Pooja at the office premises, followed by the ceremonial Ribbon Cutting graced by our esteemed dignitaries alongside employees and their families. Subsequently, everyone had the opportunity to explore the revamped workspace during an enriching office tour. This provided a firsthand glimpse into the innovative and dynamic environment that Yaskawa fosters for its team.

The celebrations continued with a delightful lunch at Radha Regent, where colleagues and their loved ones engaged in meaningful conversations, further strengthening the bonds within the Yaskawa family. The event also featured engaging programs tailored for both employees and their families, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

At Yaskawa, the role of families in supporting and encouraging employees is deeply cherished. This event served as a token of appreciation for their unwavering support, which fuels the company’s endeavors and contributes to its success. The camaraderie and spirit of unity displayed throughout the day truly reflected the values that Yaskawa upholds.

As we look back on this joyous occasion, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who graced the event with their presence. Together, we celebrated not only the physical inauguration of a new office but also the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and camaraderie that defines Yaskawa’s journey. Here’s to many more milestones and achievements in the days ahead.

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