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    KLIMAWENT continually invests in high-tech infrastructure, advanced technologies as well as development of qualification of our engineers. Especially, important is development of our company. The innovative implementations are based upon our results of Research and Development Lab, that contribute to larger success. Mission is to provide high quality clean air in the rooms, premises within areas where people stay.

    We are conscious that the quality of air near areas, where people exist, has a significant influence on health. Therefore, we deliver filtration devices that increase the purity of air within the rooms. Crucial is the cleanness of the air we breathe in the everyday routine. Therefore, our mission is to create devices possessing an array of features distinguishing them in comparison with the competitive companies.

    Our products must provide subsequent performances:

    • efficiency,

    • silent work,

    • environmentally friendly,

    • energetically efficient,

    • attractive in design.

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