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Maxflux SAF-7S


    Maxflux SAF-7S (AWS Code: SFA 5.17F7AZ EL8) is meant for the SAW Flux process with a focus on the PEB unitsas its main application.Maxflux SAF-7S is a high speed welding acidic flux for spiral pipe welding. The flux is suitable for single & multi-pass welding with single wire & multi-wire applications in both AC & DC polarity. Slag detachability is good and deposited weld metal is of radiographic quality. Maxflux SAF-7S is suited for fabrication and welding of spiral pipes, smaller diameter pipes (internal and external), penstock pipelines, wind mill towers, pressure vessels, girder, earthmoving equipment, structures of off-shore platforms, etc. This product is known for its High Deposit, For high speed applications, For a speed up to 2000mm/Min with SAW wire EL8. It is used by companies like Indwell Constructions, Thyssenkrupp, L&T.


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