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Corocarb Ni


    COROCARB Ni is a cored metal wire filled with fused tungsten carbide and a Ni-B- Si- matrix for semi-automatic welding application. COROCARB Ni was developed to protect surfaces where extreme abrasive wear in combination with corrosion are encountered. The deposit alloy consists of up to 62% FTC (W2C) and 35 – 40% Ni- B- Si- matrix. The alloy has a low melting range of between 900 – 1050 °C (1.652 – 1.922 °F) and flows extremely well and leaves a smooth and clean surface. The matrix is highly resistant to acids, bases, lye’s and other corrosive media. Be sure that to choose amperage and voltage as low as possible to avoid decay of the tungsten carbides.


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