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    Cromotherme-20(Mo) (AWS Code: SFA 5.5 E9018-G) is meant for the SMAW process with a focus on the Castingas its main application.Cromotherme-20Mo is a low hydrogen iron power type electrode yielding a weld deposit containing 1.25 Cr – 1.0 Mo – 0.25 V. The electrode produces stable and steady arc, easy striking and re-striking. The slag is easily detachable. The welds are of radiographic quality. Ideal for welding Cr – Mo – V steels of similar compositions, filling up work on alloy castings of similar compositions e.g. GS17CrMoV510. The weld metal possesses excellent room temperature and elevated temperature properties. This product is known for its For GS17CrMoV510 casting, Excellent elevated temperature properties.. It is used by companies like NTPC, BHEL, L&T Power.


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