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    Maxflux SAF 8(LS) (AWS Code: SFA 5.17 F7A6/P6 EH10K) is meant for the SAW process with a focus on the Sour gas/ONGCas its main application.Maxflux SAF-8 (LS) is a fluoride-basic type flux suitable to weld medium to high strength steels. The weld metal made with this flux gives very low diffusible hydrogen content, good crack resistance and higher sub-zero toughness properties. The flux is neutral in Mn & Si pick up and meets mechanical requirements after post-weld heat treatment at 620°C up to six hours of holding. The weld deposit is of radiographic quality. The weld metal passes the corrosion tests as per NACE standard TM-01-77 & TM-02-84 This product is know for its Agglomerated basic flux produce Excellent Toughness, Excellent Crack Resistance weld metal. It is used by companies like ONGC, Dangote – Nigeria, Dangote group.


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