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    BATOX-D(NP) (AWS Code: SFA 5.4 E316-15 (Mod) ) is meant for the SMAW process with a focus on the Nuclear Poweras its main application.Batox-D(NP) is a basic coated, high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel welding electrode yielding 0.05C – 18Cr – 11.5Ni – 2Mo weld deposit. The core wire of this product is SS316L for more consistency in properties. Low sulfur levels in the weld metal. Weld metal possesses superior mechanical properties, especially impact strength at subzero temperatures. It can be used for welding similar composition materials. By virtue of its basic covering, Batox-D(NP) offers advantages for welding highly restrained joints. It is ideally suited for welding un-stabilized and stabilized versions of AISI 316 type and their equivalents. It is best suitable for welding PFBR components welding. This product is know for its PFBR, SS 316LN vessel welding. ISCAR:PFBR/30000/SP/1032/R-1. It is used by companies like NTPC, BHEL, L&T Power.


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