Up to 90% less Chrome (VI) – Our FOXcore GUARD range


Meet our Expert Andrea M. and Sebastian L. part of our research team on the
development of our Foxcore GUARD wires.

We revolutionize welding with our FOXcore GUARD range – 90% reduction of Cr (VI) in welding fumes for improved welders’ health and safety.

Our FOXcore GUARD rutile stainless steel cored wires with the product names FOXcore GUARD 308L-T1, FOXcore GUARD 309L-T1 and FOXcore 316L-T1 help to protect your workplace by significantly reducing the Cr (VI) content in the welding fumes and helping to meet recently revised exposure limits. Benefit from high productivity and performance combined with lower Cr (VI) fume emissions.

  • FOXcore GUARD range can be used in all positions.
  • Good slag detachability
  • Little spatter formation
  • Good resistance to general, pitting, and intergranular corrosion in chloride containing environments.
  • Suitable for service temperatures from –196°C to 400°C, depending on which welding wire is selected from the FOXcore GUARD line.
  • Up to 90% less Chrome (VI)

As part of a holistic approach, voestalpine Böhler Welding has developed innovative welding consumables to significantly reduce the harmful components contained in welding fumes. After all, it is not possible to work entirely without welding fumes or necessary elements in the filler metal such as Manganese or Chromium.

In September 2023, the first welding consumables were presented in Europe that reduce Manganese in welding fumes by more than 60 % now we are proud to present our consumable range with significant reduction of hexavalent Cr (VI) in the welding fume by 90 % respectively.

FOXcore GUARD line, High-alloyed, austenitic stainless multi-positional flux-cored wires are able to reduce operator exposure from airborne Cr (VI) emissions and will assist in meeting recently revised exposure limits. Less than 0.006 mg/s Cr (VI) forms with Ar + 18% C02 as shielding gas, which is approximately 90% lower than for conventional flux-cored wires.