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TID : 67593744 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2023/B/4324658 | Tender Type :Buy

Supply of A4 Size, File Cover, Bundle of Tags, Stapler Pin of Both Size, Wifi Connection, Fevistick, Filage, Bottle of Glue, Pen, Electric Kettle, M S Flat 50mmx10mm, M S Pipe 50mmx3mm, M S Electrode 2 5mm, M S Electrode 3 14 Mm, M S Electrode 4 00mm, Tungeston Electrode 2 4mm, Mig Welding Wire Spool Electrode Wire 0 8mm, Co2 Cyclinder with Gas, O2 Cyclinder with Gas, Acetylene Cyclinder with Gas, Argon Cyclinder with Gas, Hack Saw Blade 30mm, Aluminium Sheet 3 00mm2 5mm Thick, Aluminium Filler Rod 2 5mm, M S Flat 100mmx10mm, 40mmx100mm Rounded Bar, Hacksow Blade, Elbow 1-2 Inch, Socket 1-2 Inch, T 1-2 Inch, M S Pipe 1 Inch, Hand Wash, Colour Chalk Box, While Board Duster, Attendence Registor, White Board Marker Blue, White Board Marker Black, White Board Marker Ink Black, Cloth Poplin, Needle, Thread Spool, Bobin Case Single Needle Machine, Talip Board, Chart Paper, Koral Draw Software, Hand Needle for Stitching, Student Attendence Registor, White Board Marker Ink Blue, White Board Duster – Requirement of Iti Qty : 1486 at Pen,Maharashtra,India

Classified in :#Adhesive#bar#Cloth#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Labels#Lubricant Product#M S Flat#M S Pipe#Other Electronic Devices#Other Software#Paper#Pipes / Fittings#Sewing Machine#Soap#Stationery#Toiletries#Welding Electrode and Stores#Wire And Cable#Yarn

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Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:30-Dec-2023
Days Pending:8Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:30-Dec-2023

Key Location

Tender Location:Pen,Maharashtra,India

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