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BDB India conducted the “BDB Industry Poll” for the month of April. We wanted our panel of senior industry professionals to put forth their an opinion on various industry and economy related topics. The results are shown in this report.

Russia – Ukraine war affecting business

The first question was related to the financial crisis amid the Russia – Ukraine war, wherein 75% of the respondents stated that the oil prices affected their business which is a whopping size compared to the 25% of the respondents whose business remains unaffected by the fluctuations in the oil prices.

Global Economic fluctuations affecting Indian Economy

85% of the respondents agreed that the growth of the Global Economy will have a bearing effect on the Indian economic growth while the remaining 15% do not believe the Global economic movement or change is affecting the Indian economy.

Digital Currency gaining maximum acceptance

Advancement in technology has amped up the currency system creating digital currency. Digital Currencies come with their own risks but the shift in the way it has been perceived is evident as about 69% of the respondents are comfortable with the idea of using and switching to digital currencies, whereas 31% are still tip-toeing on the idea.

India enroute net-zero emissions by 2070.

India would achieve net-zero emissions by 2070, was announced at the climate change conference in Glasgow. Considering the
Economy just taking up pace, it is quite a commitment to live by which is also believed by 47% respondents where they believe the possibility of India achieving this may or may not happen which depends on various external and economic factors. There is a 46% on the belief that India will achieve the goal whereas a meagre 7% disagree with the belief to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070.

Crypto- currency ban – A boon for the Economy

India maybe taking a leap of faith and missing good opportunities by banning cryptocurrencies by about 49% of our respondents. The other 35% believe India is doing the right thing and is not missing out on any exceptional opportunities in terms of cryptocurrencies while the 16% of the remaining respondents believe India is going to miss out on some good opportunities.

Fuel price hike disrupting economy revival

The rise in fuel prices has led to some major upheaval in every economic aspect 53% of respondents rightly believe that the economy will react negatively despite push by the government to get it back on track while 28% of respondents believe the
economy could sail through despite the skyrocketing fuel prices.

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