Welding Simulator – Virtual Reality Technology


Simbott is an Indian Manufacturer of Virtual Reality Welding Simulator, based out of Mumbai. With the increasing push for “Make in India” and Atmanirbhar Bharat Virtual Reality technology provides a 100% immersive experience so that the welders are prepared to work in the real industrial world, once their training is complete. Simbott is a revolutionary Virtual Reality digital experience that helps you acquire specialized vocational training in welding and spray painting techniques – all from the safety and comfort of VR Simulators.  It is thus no surprise that more and more of the labor market will be attracted to the welding trade, leading to a boom.

We are an all-around optimized VR welding Simulator manufacturer that can help in training for GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW welding procedures. Using Virtual Reality Welding Simulators industries can solve all their welding labor challenges.  Trainers can get feel welding techniques in the VR welding simulator, which is designed to provide the most immersive training experiences possible. The future welding simulator provides a one-of-a-kind digital welding training experience.

Since this product is so diverse, we have developed it such that anyone from the relevant industries willing to learn how to operate it can be trained easily. Welding can benefit from the VR welding simulator, which is designed to provide the most immersive training experiences possible. The futuristic welding simulator provides a one-of-a-kind digital welding learning experience. This training will not only upskill your workforce but also prepare them for the next steps and leaps in the manufacturing and welding industrial processes.

We blend intuitive Virtual Reality with immersive haptic technology to craft the perfect training experience. Our technology allows you to learn virtually, and implement in the real world flawlessly.

Our training packages were created in partnership with reputable training institutes. The precision of the virtual welding simulator is well-known. Our professionals have paid close attention to every detail of the procedure. The simulator considers gestures and hand motions used in real life to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Welding Haptics

 Our training package includes real hardware pieces to ensure that trainees and students involve themselves in the application of the technology they learn. Our kits include welding torches for a life-like experience. They also have different welding joints, like Fillet, Lap, Pipe to Plate, Pipe to Pipe, Butt, and V-groove.

  • Our hardware is fully optimized with reference to all welding positions. It also supports working stands for a wholesome training experience.
  • Real welding torches for a life-like welding experience
  • Welding joints – Fillet, Lap, Pipe to Plate, Pipe to Pipe, Butt, V-groove. Industrial Welding Joints
  • Optimized to all welding positions and supports working stand

Simbott’s Virtual Reality Software

Our software is created to ensure a smooth learning experience. The flow and pace of our software ensure that any trainee or student can comprehend concepts and learn in real-time. There are varying levels of training in our software. It is geared towards many levels of training for basic, intermediate, advanced, and expert. With these levels, you can adjust the level of simulation required to train welders at every specific stage in their training process.

Our simulation software also provides real-time feedback with didactic learning, depth perception, sound, touch, and more. It is available in all languages to serve a diverse clientele. This product uses extremely immersive Virtual Reality Technology to translate the five senses into practical training with haptics, allowing you to train faster and more effectively.