Reduce your production cost without compromising on quality Spatter free MIG/MAG welding with 100% CO2 from CLOOS!


The selection of the right welding process is essential for a successful production. With a large range of proven and innovative processes for manual and automated welding applications, CLOOS can offer solutions for the future providing excellent quality, maximum efficiency and productivity.

So, CLOOS continuously develops welding processes in its technology centre under practical conditions. With the right combination of process, equipment, parameters and know-how arising from of a tradition of 102 years in welding, CLOOS finds for you the perfect solution for your production task. Thus CLOOS can give you a decisive lead among your competitors.

“Fine Weld” is an energy-reduced, current-controlled short arc process for mixed gas and CO2 welding. Due to the minimised spatter formation, Fine Weld is suitable particularly for thin, coated plates and fine visible weldseams. The stable arc is characterised by an optimum gap bridging ability and can be mastered excellently in all welding positions.

With Fine Weld, you reduce the workpiece distortion through the controllable heat input. You avoid extensive reworks due to the minimised spatter formation.




nThin plates even under CO2
nCoated plates
nRoot welding
nPipeline construction
nContainer construction
nAll welding positions


n Minimised spatter formation
n Controllable heat input
n Reduced workpiece distortion
n Optimum gap bridging ability
n Stable, quiet, well controllable arc.

Do you also want an extremely low-spatter welding process for excellent welding results with fine welds? Then rely on Fine Wed Weld by CLOOS!

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