Liquefied natural gas


LNG Future Fuel for Heavy Duty Trucks and Buses

Liquefied natural gas (LNG)  is fast emerging as a Greener Fuel that will play a larger role in addressing tomorrow’s energy need.

INOXCVA is providing solution across all key stages in LNG value chain. Our comprehensive range of custom built end-to-end solutions are engineered to provide reliable and safe system to the Small Scale users of LNG.

Use of Small Scale LNG has gained momentum with the availability of LNG at competitive prices for various applications globally.  Apart from the economic benefit, the world is also seeing its contribution in reducing the carbon footprints as well as particulate matter emissions.

Govt. of India’s initiative to increase the energy mix of gas from current level of 6.5% to 15% by 2030, the CGD entities are setting up LCNG Stations across the country where the pipeline network is yet to reach.

Govt. of India has also now permitted any entity to set up LNG Fuel Stations for a vehicular application for heavy duty trucks & buses.  Foundation stone for 50 Nos. LNG Fuel stations are laid down across the country by major government undertakings and private sector players.  These LNG Fuel Stations are expected to increase to ~250 Nos. in the next three years across the major highways and golden quadrilateral.

INOXCVA Make Fuel Tanks are having following features:

·       All Stainless Steel Structure with valve protection structure.

·       Design to International codes

·       Highly efficient insulation with excellent HOLD time

·       Valves and piping ergonomically designed

·       Auto-fill Stop Mechanism

·       Vent Management System

·       Type tested & certified tanks

·       Tried & tested by major OMEs in India

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