Welding Consumables-Third Party approved batches for EIL sites


The consumption of petroleum products is increasing day by day, and refineries are expanding their horizons in order to meet the rising demand. Different welding processes play a crucial role in refineries by joining metal pipes, structure, etc together to avoid any leakages that can lead to hazards.

D&H Sécheron Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. has a wide range of welding consumables which are approved by Engineers India Ltd (EIL).

Engineers India Ltd (EIL) provides engineering consultancy to the oil-gas and petrochemical industries.

D&H Sécheron products fulfill all the NACE requirements like- physical dimension test, chemical analysis test, mechanical test, HIC test and SSCC test are Supratherme (SPL) MOD and F70S-2(NACE).

Pre-approved batch products:

Supratherme (Spl) MOD (https://www.dnhsecheron.com/products/conventional-welding-consumables/electrodes-for-low-temperature-service/supratherme-spl-mod) is a basic coated iron powder type, high yield, and hydrogen- controlled electrode which is ideally suited for welding carbon steels used in the construction of equipment subjected to heavy dynamic load, impact, and severe service conditions in sour gas service.  Sizes of Supratherme (Spl) MOD which fulfills all the NACE requirements are 2.50×350, 3.15×450 and 4.0x45o.

F70S-2(NACE) (https://www.dnhsecheron.com/products/conventional-welding-consumables/mild-steel/f-70s-2nace) is a triple deoxidized copper-coated mild steel wire for GTAW. It is suitable for root run of mild steel pipes and ideal for welding A36, A285 Gr. C, A333 Gr. 6, A515-55, A516-70, etc.

As the government of India is taking major steps to reduce the pollution levels by asking auto-companies to comply with BS6 norms, similarly refineries were also asked to upgrade accordingly where D&H Sécheron is supporting by providing quality products.