weldCare: Finishing Chemicals


Finishing Chemicals for all steps in the post-weld and surface treatment of stainless steel!

Stainless steel retains its beautiful finish thanks to a protective layer that forms on the surface. Experience the benefits of these products:
Longer Lasting
The pickling pastes and sprays are highly effective and can be used in thinner coats than many other pickling products. Thanks to the colour and consistency of the products, they reduce consumption – already treated surfaces and residues left after rinsing are easily recognized. The result is lower consumption per running metre of welded joint or per square metre of treated surface.
Fume reduction during pickling
The toxic nitric fumes generated during pickling have a number of harmful effects on health and environment. By using modern pickling products such as our BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130 and RedOne™ Pickling Spray 240, the toxic fume levels can be reduced by up to 80%.
It is recommend for Pre-Cleaning, Pickling, Passivation and Maintenance following Products:

  • BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130: BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130 is patented worldwide and is especially intended for brush pickling of weld seams and smaller surfaces. It offers a perfect paste consistency that gives good adhesion to difficult surfaces and reduces the risk of splashing.
  • RedOne™ Pickling Spray 240: RedOne™ Pickling Spray 240 is intended for most applications and is suitable for pickling larger surfaces. It has a thixotropic consistency, which makes it stick to the surface and hence facilitates the application even in difficult positions. The product is specially developed to reduce emissions and consumption.
  • Pickling Bath 302: Pickling Bath 302 is recommended for immersion pickling of small objects and for pickling surfaces that are time-consuming to brush or spray pickle. It can also be used for circulation cleaning of pipe systems. To optimize the performance and the cost efficiency of the bath, chemical analyses are crucial. Here we have the know-how to help you.
  • FinishOne Passivator 630: FinishOne Passivator 630 contains no nitric acid, is pH-neutral and can be used at room temperature. It also improves the pickling result and diminishes the risk of discoloured surfaces after pickling. In general it offers good results and is suited to a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Cleaner 401: Superficial rust, grease and lime deposits can occasionally appear on any stainless steel surface. Cleaner 401 will eliminate these spots with ease, restoring the surface and returning your stainless steel to its original finish. Cleaner 401 is used both for maintenance and pre-cleaning.
  • Alternative products: The products above, BlueOne™ Pickling Paste 130, RedOne™ Pickling Spray 240, Pickling Bath 302, Cleaner 401 and FinishOne Passivator 630, cover most needs and can be used for most applications. For special cases we have alternative products.

The company’s Finishing Chemicals are made in Malmö, Sweden, in its own modern, automated process plant. All products have full traceability from raw material to finished product, which gives the total control of the product quality. The quality and environmental management systems are certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.
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