Branson GVX-3HR


Branson GVX-3HR

The GVX-3HR, equiped with Clean Vibration Technology, represents a new level of precision, speed, and consistency in vibration welding. It includes all the major options packages to maximize performance.


  • Improved weld quality and consistency through continual feedback from closed loop sensors that ensure accuracy and repeatability
  • Lightning-fast cycle time to support high-speed, automated applications
  • Smaller footprint yet larger lift table (1070 x 600 mm) than traditional vibration welders
  • User-friendly industrial PC control with improved operator experience
  • Servo actuation offers reduced maintenance, increased uptime, and around 35% less energy use than similar hydraulic machines.
  • Equipped with dual-axis infrared pre-heat, for applications requiring clean welds with minimized particulates, flash, or other visible contaminants.
  • Local, rapid-response technical expertise and repair service supported by Branson’s worldwide network of facilities


  • Head Drive Power Rating: 30 kW
  • Lift Table Max Speed: 500 mm/s
  • Actuation: Servo
  • Certifications: Designed to CE, ISO, and ANSI norms
  • Communication Protocol: CANOpen
  • Cooling System: Air cooled
  • Data Interface: USB (qty 4), Ethernet

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