Welding Tractors ABI-CAR


ABI-CAR welding tractors close the gap between hand welding and flexible automation. These economic welding tractors are an ideal entry level solution into mechanized automation. ABI-CAR quickly and effectively welds longitudinal and circumferential seams in horizontal or vertical positions.
ABI-CAR is easily customized to fit individual requirements with a wide range of cross supports and clamping accessories available.
All components are built in a modular system for fast, easy installation and increased welding productivity.
ABI-CAR Welding Tractors:

  • Easy integration: Easy connection to all commercially available hand welder sets
  • Optimum seam quality: High-quality welding results on long parts in horizontal or vertical position
  • Increased productivity: Consistently high, uninterrupted welding speed
  • Simple handling: Simple and safe handling for operators

Welding tractor ABI-CAR E-1200-O: The welding tractor ABI-CAR E-1200-O with Oscillator unit relieves the welder and allows perfect welding beads in consistently high quality.
Welding tractor ABI-CAR E-1200: The flexible ABI-CAR E-1200 welding tractor with increased driving speed makes perfect welds on long seams.
Welding tractor ABI-CAR E-1000: The well-built and reliable ABI-CAR E-1000 welding tractor welds at speeds up to 1000 mm/min.
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