WeldCare: All-round Protection.


Welders deserve the best view and protection to get the most out of excellent filler materials. This was – in essence – the motivation for filler material specialist voestalpine Bohler Welding to launch its own line of personal protection equipment. Taking advantage of the podium of Schweissen & Schneiden 2017, it presented the brand new weldCare Guardian line of auto-darkening welding helmets and eyewear safety glasses. Using the latest developments in optics and ergonomics, they combine protection with wearing comfort and user-friendliness.
The Guardian series of battery-powered, auto-darkening welding helmets consists of three types. All of them meet the safety and durability requirements laid down in relevant CE and ANSI standards. They all feature a high impact nylon shell and comfortable headgear with longitudinal and angular adjustments. The helmets are available in Bohler Welding and UTP Maintenance brand design.
The Guardian50 is the universal welding helmet for multi-process situations. It features a larger than usual viewing area of 50 x 100mm and a higher optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2 according EN 379. With four sensors and a darkening filter shade 4, 9-13, it automatically adapts to the light intensities from the SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW process, the amperage level and the shielding gases used. Unique in its class is the use of True Blue Color technology which shows the welding in natural colors, rather than the greenish view from standard ADF filters. A very handy extra feature is the external switch to change to grinding mode.

The Guardian62 is the universal welding helmet for multi-process situations. Its unusual light weight of 490g makes it very comfortable to wear. Unique in its class is automatic darkening in the lower filter shade range 5-9, making it also suited for oxy-fuel welding and torch brazing (4, 5-9, 9-13). With a viewing area of 62 x 98mm it offers a further improved sight compared with the Guardian50, while having the same high optical clarity rating of 1/1/1/2 according EN379. Use of True Blue Color technology gives the best natural colors available in its class. It also features an external switch to change to grinding mode.

The Guardian62F offers the same performance as the Guardian62, but is additionally equipped with a flip visor making it very suited for welding applications involving frequent grinding.

Eyewear welding glasses are designed to be comfortable and robust, but are at the same time fashionable. They fulfil the requirements of industrial standard EN 166F and are CE approved. The glasses withstand the impact of smaller objects colliding at a speed up to 45m/s. There is a choice of four different glasses:

  • Clear for general industrial use
  • Amber for low light conditions
  • Blue Mirror/ Silver Mirror for sun protection in outdoor industrial use
  • UVIR5

Eyewear welding glasses are available in the colors of the Bohler Welding, UTP Maintenance and Fontargen Brazing and come in branded micro-fiber pouches for storage and lens cleaning.

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