FSW head for NC machine tool


Stirweld’s FSW head uses a NC machine tool for FSW. This innovation reduces drastically the investment cost to access to FSW while offering performances identical to a special FSW machine.

Our products:
FSW head for NC machine tool: low investment cost, adaptability, ease of use and installation
FSW tools: low cost, higher quality, more efficient
Turnkey solution: parameters, jigs, training

  • Low investment cost: compared to FSW special machines or robotic stations
  • Adaptability: Despite the lack of standard machining centers, the StirWeld FSW head can be adapted to all MOCNs.
  • Ease of use and installation: After the first installation, the user can assemble and disassemble the FSW head in a few minutes from machining to welding and vice versa.

Head features:

  • Matching on 3 to 5 axis CNC machine
  • Assembly or disassembly in 15 mins
  • No hard or soft change of CNC machine
  • Force control to secure the weld quality from 1 to 18 kN
  • Water and air pressure cooling
  • From welding to machining without head disassembly
  • Small size to accomodate welding jig
  • Self-lubricating: no maintenance
  • CNC machine protection against the high forces (up to 18 kN) and vibrations during the FSW process
  • Quick tool change (attachment with accurate positioning)

Technical sheet:

  • Compliant part: height of 300 mm
  • Interface: height from 60 to 110 mm depending on CNC machine

Weight: 30 Kg
Water cooling: 5 l/min at 25°C
Air pressure cooling: 3 bar
Head – console distance up to 10m (more in option)
Control Interface:

  • Recording of forging force for quality control
  • Temperature monitoring for safe use
  • Real time display process adjustment or process control.

The tools are tested on a wear bench to control their reliability.