Gouging Torch/ Gouging Electrode Holder (DSH Series)


Model DSH Series Max. AMPS Max. Carbon
DSH – 22D 2200 Amps 20 mm Ø Carbon
DSH – 22P 2200 Amps 25.4 mm Ø Carbon
DSH – 22G 2200 Amps 20 mm Ø Carbon

An ordinary Arc Welding machine , DC Motor Generator or Engine Driven Welder and Air Compressor capable of giving a pressure of 80/125lbs PSI will be required for using the Metal Arc Torches.

  • The current cables from the power supply should be of adequate capacity, free of joints, kinks and insulation damages.
  • The compressed air line is to be firmly attached onto the air connection nipple and the joint should be free of leaks.
  • Set the correct amperage in accordance with the diameter of electrode being used as per recommended currents.
  • Turn on the compressed air supply and open the air valve on the Torch fully.
  • Turn on the current supply.
  • Strike the arc on the job and maintain adequate arc gap. Adjust hand travel speed to produce continuous hissing sound for smooth cutting action.
  • To shut down, turn off electrical power first.
  • Turn off air supply after electrical power is shut down.

An ordinary air compressor can be used. Most application require 80 to 100 lbs PSI air pressure. For higher duty torches 80 PSI may be adequate. Heavy Duty Torches would require as much 125 Ibs PSI. Air hose should have minimum base of ¼ inches diameter.
NOTE:  The above data is based on the following conditions and should be considered only as general guide:-

Electrode stick out 90 mm Air pressure 80/100 lbs PSI
Torch to west angle 45  ͦ Arc Volts 35 to 45 volts