I wish ‘WeldFab Tech Times’ a great success in their new venture. There is a vacuum today in publications focusing on exclusively Welding and Fabrication industry. These industries are covered as one of the industries in their magazine by many publications. I am confident welding and fabrication industry is going to get benefitted in terms of current information, views of experts, technical papers, future plans of industry players, new technology, opportunities, challenges faced etc on periodic basis.
I wish them great success and best luck for their first Magazine.

S M Bhat, Managing Director, Ador Welding Ltd (AWL)
S M Bhat
MD, Ador Welding Ltd

Welding is extensively applied for our nation building. From welding of mild steel structures, to deep sea hyperbaric welding and welding in outer space, this technology today span a wide spectrum. Nation’s various core sectors viz. Energy, Steel, Aerospace, Transport and Railways, Gas and Petroleum, besides, general industry all use welding technology which is crucial and is of vital importance. Innovative approach and technical knowledge are called for in the fast changing situation, where techno-economic considerations tend to get distorted or diluted in absence of proper information and documents.
Newer materials and the methodologies for joining them have been evolved which need basic concepts of metallurgy and pre and post weld heat treatment of the products with proper inspection, strict quality assurance and control, safety besides productivity.
I am glad that WeldFab Tech Times have come forward by bringing the bi-monthly magazine for the industry.
I wish them success.

N.K. Sarkar, Retired Deputy Chief Metallurgist, Konkan Railway
N.K. Sarkar
Retired Deputy Chief Metallurgist, Konkan Railway

Great to hear that a Bi-monthly magazine focusing on welding, fabrication and related segments is being launched with the first issue planned in August 2017. Needless to say, this is a topic close to heart and action at an institution like our Welding Research Institute. I am glad to note that the magazine is targeted at the professionals in the various spheres of welding in India, UAE, and other international markets so could open a good communication channel among the like-minded in the field.
Welding is a happening field, and with process, material, consumable, equipment, analytics improvements, there is a huge wealth of knowledge being created continually. Welding skills is another area attracting lot of concerted attention, and India should be able to spot the skills and nurture them in a big way, with a huge young population to choose from. The demand for welders across the globe is also on the increase, with many countries having issues due to ageing population.
I am sure WeldFab Tech Times will scout around for the relevant information in the field and share with its expected 5000+ readership.
Best wishes for a great first issue release and from then on, a continuing journey.

R. Easwaran, General Manager & Head (Labs, Quality) Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli
R. Easwaran
GM & Head (Labs, Quality) Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli

Through WeldFab Tech Times magazine, I would like to tell especially to youngsters that welding is as good profession like that of other segments. It is a well paid profession. Today, India has very good welders. The entire Middle-East is depending upon the Indian skilled force. My humble message to the readers is that – “Allow the quality to be much high then everything, ensure safety, and if you want to increase your productivity, then increase the quality of manufacturing activity. IIW would always be there to support. Your progress is the countries progress, and countries progress is the world’s progress.”

R. Srinivasan, President, Indian Institute of Welding (IIW)
R. Srinivasan
President, Indian Institute of Welding (IIW)

Congratulations on the upcoming publication - WELDFAB TECH TIMES magazine. It is a good initiative by you. Welding industry till now had only one regular publication that is INDIAN WELDING JOURNAL published quarterly by the IIW-Kolkata office. For a large country like ours, this kind of publication by a private organisation is really a commendable step. The IIW publication cover topics related to the academic world and R&D work being done. I hope WELDFAB TECH TIMES will cover the application side of the welding technology and provide news of what’s going on in the real world. Weld Fab can become a spokesman/messenger of the welding industry by various methods of communication, interaction forums.
I wish you and your editorial team all the best.

CC Girotra, Managing Director, Weldwell Speciality Ltd
CC Girotra
MD, Weldwell Speciality Ltd

Machine tool industry, particularly metal forming machine tools, is closely connected with welding and fabrication, and we are excited to see WeldFab Tech Times throw insight into the welding and fabrication industry. IMTMA is sure that the magazine will support the industry to further its innovation and speed up production through right channels. We are hopeful that the magazine will educate the readers more about the welding, fabrication and the machine tool industry.

V. Anbu, Secretary, Director General & CEO, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA)
V. Anbu
Secretary, Director General & CEO, IMTMA

WELDFAB TECH TIMES is quite interesting and will resolve issues in welding and fabrication shop fronts. The magazine will be a helping hand too. You will get full support, thus making an impact in Fabrication and Welding Industries. Without welding, the world could not move. My hearty congratulations and wish you all the very best to move further.

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V. Muralidharan
International Welding Technologist, Proprietor of Ennappan Consultants

Your new publication - WELDFABTECH TIMES has come out well. I congratulate you for your efforts.

CC Girotra, Managing Director, Weldwell Speciality Ltd
CC Girotra
Managing Director, Weldwell Speciality Ltd

It’s really a Good Initiative.  The first issue itself is very interesting (Specially Technical Articles)
Best Luck !!!

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Avinash Abnave
Technologist, Aaryan Enterprises

At the outset, let me congratulate you in bringing out a good publication in the welding field. I appreciate the excellent efforts put in by you and your team. The contents, aesthetics and presentation have come out very well. Kudos to the team!!

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R. Easwaran
General Manager & Head (Labs, Quality) Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Tiruchirappalli

Thanks for the magazine. For the first issue, the magazine has really come out great. I wish you and team all the success.

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Vasuki H.V.
Deputy General Manager, Quality – Machinery Works, L&T Construction Equipment Ltd

Many congratulations on the launch of the magazine. The magazine is outstanding, covering the past, present and future of welding industry, giving indepth information about latest welding technologies, with future trends. It contains foresight of the forerunners into the field, giving details on ongoing and future events. Overall the magazine has nicely covered the welding industry. The magazine will help the welding industry in gearing up with new technologies and challenges. It will open up new avenues and partnerships, and will help attract new generation in this hitherto neglected sector. I strongly recommend this magazine to not only the welding industry but to every industry, as WELDING is the bond that binds each and every industry...
May all Success WELD your LIFE...

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Rajesh Chalwadi
Deputy Director, Admin & Finance, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission

Excellent work, keep it up.

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Viral Shah
Director, Aavishkar Sales & Technical Services Pvt. Ltd

Congratulations and best wishes for your new endeavour. My support and blessings for your success in future. Wonderful magazine. Keep it up!!

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Vincent D’silva
Retired Senior Technician, Dubai Aluminium Company (DUBAL)

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