N.K. Sarkar

post authorEliza Bhalerao 08 September 2017

N.K. Sarkar

Retired Deputy Chief Metallurgist, Konkan Railway

Welding is extensively applied for our nation building. From welding of mild steel structures, to deep sea hyperbaric welding and welding in outer space, this technology today span a wide spectrum. Nation’s various core sectors viz. Energy, Steel, Aerospace, Transport and Railways, Gas and Petroleum, besides, general industry all use welding technology which is crucial and is of vital importance. Innovative approach and technical knowledge are called for in the fast changing situation, where techno-economic considerations tend to get distorted or diluted in absence of proper information and documents.

Newer materials and the methodologies for joining them have been evolved which need basic concepts of metallurgy and pre and post weld heat treatment of the products with proper inspection, strict quality assurance and control, safety besides productivity.

I am glad that WeldFab Tech Times have come forward by bringing the bi-monthly magazine for the industry.

I wish them success.

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