D&H Sécheron: Leads the welding consumables market in terms of innovation

Products Update post authorEliza Bhalerao 02 February 2021

D&H Sécheron: Leads the welding consumables market in terms of innovation

D&H Sécheron has over 800 products, each one is made in India at facilities in Indore, and tested at its in-house NABL accredited lab and sent to customers globally. The company makes everything from E7018 (Supratherme) to electrodes that are of imported quality and some of them don’t even have national/international codes. D&H Sécheronhave always specialized in meeting the customer needs for which they have developed such a wide array of products.

D&H Sécheron, founded in 1966, was a swiss collaboration to develop high-quality welding consumables in India for India. In 1994, it was taken over by an Indian Entrepreneur, A. H. Maheshwari and rose to new heights. D&H Sécheron has led and still leads the welding consumables market in terms of innovation and has a product for every need. Today, they have complete basket of products for everything from Rail joining (LoTherme 457 IVR) to nuclear reactor vessel welding {BATOX-D(NP)}. The company is known for its systems since its inception and has received the ISO 9001,14001 and18001 certifications.

Having products that meet the ever-evolving dynamics of the market is no easy task but D&H Sécheron accomplishes this with relative ease under the technical brilliance of Dr. T. J. Prasadarao and his team of more than 22 experts. Dr. T. J. Prasadarao, Executive Director-Technical, leads product development and technical services for D&H Sécheron. His team develops innovative products at a rapid pace and can meet new customer requirements in a matter of weeks like he has in the past for customers like NTPC, BHEL and other major conglomerates.

Through Dr. T.J.Prasadarao, D&H Sécheron can offer extensive technical assistance to its huge client base with technical seminars, on site visits, regular technical insights on how to weld using special products and more.

Supratherme E7018

Supratherme, need we say more? D&H Sécheron’s world famous 7018 variant.

This product stands out due to its toughness, crack resistance on the weld metal and its low hydrogen need.Application of this electrode for following material specifications / its equivalent – SA-36, SA-283 Grade A/B/C/D, SA-285 Grade A/B/C, SA-333 Grade 6, SA-414 Grade A/B, SA-515 Grade 55, SA-516 Grade 70, etc.A heavy coated low hydrogen, iron powder type electrode ideally suited for producing tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality in boilers, pressure vessels and heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading. The electrodes have a metal recovery of about 115%. Some typical applications include heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading and impact, highly restrained joints, coaches, wagons, penstocks, boilers, pressure vessels, earthmoving machines, etc.

Supratherme has the following APPROVALS:ABS, Adani Infra, BHEL, BIS, BV, CIB-MP, DNV, EIL, Indian Navy, IRS, L&T Power, LRA, NPCIL, NTPC, PDIL, Reliance (Engineering).

Rutox-A E308-16

Application of this electrode for following material specifications / its equivalent – AISI 301, 302, 304, 308, etc.It is a stainless steel electrode yielding a weld metal of 19Cr – 10Ni. The weld metal displays good resistance to cracking, corrosion and scaling. Ideally suited for welding stainless steel materials of similar composition.

It has the following APPROVALS: Adani Infra, BHEL, EIL, NPCIL, NTPC, PDIL.

D&H 1200T(NS) ENiCrFe-2

Application of this electrode for following material specifications / its equivalent – ASTM B163, B166, B167, and B168, all of which have UNS Number N06600.A non-synthetic electrode depositing homogeneous Ni-Cr-Fe alloy composition.The nominal composition (wt %) of weld metal produced by electrodes of this classification is 70 Ni, 15 Cr, 8 Fe, 2 Mn, 2 Nb plus Ta, and 1.5 Mo.Electrodes of this classification are used for welding Ni – Cr – Fe alloys, 9% nickel steel.Welding dissimilar metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloys and pure nickel to themselves or to each other.The electrodes may be used for applications at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to around 980°C. It is also used for welding SS 201 LN type materials to get good toughness together with strength.For overlaying Ni-Cr-Fe alloy, there are the following APPROVALS: Adani Infra, CIB-MP, L&T Power.

Cromotherme Range

In this range of products, the company started its journey with Cromotherme-1.

Cromotherme-1(RTE) is the modified version of the Cromotherme-1, and used in reactors and power plants all over the country that is famous for its ability to resist temper embrittlement and improve subzero impact properties that are best for welding hydrocarbons between 400 to 600oC.

D&H Sécheron evolved to the more efficient Cromotherme-2 (RTE) that redefined resistance and impact properties, taking them to new heights.

Sub-variants like Cromotherme-23 were developed which were ideal for boiler material like P23 steel.

The next sub-variant was Cromotherme-20(Mo) for casting with excellent elevated temperature properties.

The most recent developments have been Cromotherme-91 and 92, ideal for creep resistant P91 and P92 materials. This is a non-synthetic electrode that provides improved creep strength, toughness, oxidation, and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.

All in all, it’s been a long journey for Cromotherme, but today it stands out as a world class product made in India by Indian company.

Maxfil 12R-E71T1C

Application of this FCAW product for following material specifications / its equivalent – SA-36, SA-283 Grade A/B/C/D, SA-285 Grade A/B/C, SA-414 Grade A/B. It is an all position mild steel flux cored wire designed for optimum performance when using100% CO2 shielding gas. The wire is characterized with smooth metal transfer, uniform welding even onvertical-up stringer beads and easy slag removal. Filler contour is flat to slightly convex with equal leglengths and uniform sidewall wetting. This product is designed for single and multi-pass welding of low and medium carbon steels.Approvals: BV, CE, IRS.

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