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Welding Consumables for Pipeline Construction


    More than 100,000 km of pipelines have already been welded with Bohler Welding stick electrodes.

    Our entire portfolio provides quality and efficiency – wherever and whatever your pipeline project and welding process is. Bohler Welding is your specialist in welding filler metals. Consumables for welding of cross-country pipelines and steel pipes for City gas distribution are readily available. In addition, we ensure constant product quality, qualified batches and tailored on-site service packages including advice and training to our customers globally. A pan-India distribution network ensures easier availability of electrodes, wherever you are in India.

    • BÖHLER FOX CEL, a cellulose coated electrode for fast vertical down welding, especially for root and hot pass welding.

    • BÖHLER FOX BVD 85, a basic coated vertical down electrode which ensures very low hydrogen contents.

    • BÖHLER FOX EV Pipe, a basic coated stick electrode, especially developed for vertical up welding of pipelines.

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