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Enable Virtual Verification and Validation of Multi-Material Joining of Industrial Structures and Assemblies with Simulation. Higher efficiency & repeatability, increased quality & safety, and shorter development cycle time with a lower cost are key driving factors in modern welding & assembly body shops of manufacturing industries. Product designers, manufacturing process planners, and welding engineers must secure the above mentioned KPIs. Moreover, industries are shifting to lightweight materials such as high-strength steels and aluminum, which pose additional challenges during designing and validation phases as these advanced materials are harder to work with due to high spring back and require precise heat control. Like with every industry, competition is fierce, so industries do not have time to test different welding & assembly designs or approaches and have very little room for error – it’s very much a ‘get it right the first time’ mentality.

ESI SYSWELD, a result of 30+ years of continuous engagement with major global industrial partners, offers a unique and comprehensive virtual assessment of material characteristics, microstructure, residual stresses and distortions in welded structures and assemblies. SYSWELD addresses different welding processes (arc, electron beam, laser and spot welding) and heat treatment processes (carburizing, carbonitriding, and quenching) and considers all relevant phenomena (chemical, thermal, metallurgical and mechanical).

With all of this, SYSWELD allows engineers to be as productive as possible by building physically realistic virtual structures in the development phase to ensure improvement in the quality and performance of the manufactured products. Moreover, by coupling different manufacturing processes, our customers can simulate various process chains with upstream and downstream welding processes for design & upfront process feasibility evaluations and detailed validation to ensure cost-efficient product and production planning and drive increased profitability and margins.

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