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    The SPARTAN range of machines is next-generation, superior quality friction welding machine designed and manufactured by Friction Welding Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (FWT) for Indian as well as International clients.
    SPARTAN is the product of collaboration of one of the world leaders in friction welding industry – MTI – and FWT. The product is 100% MADE IN INDIA and has been exported to US, Europe, and Asian countries.
    Innovated by employing advanced technology and controller programming, SPARTAN perfectly fits the bill for cost efficiency requirement of your organization. It provides consistent weld-quality at practical prices. Sleek, robust and avant-garde, SPARTAN is available in the domestic as well as
    international market. It is available in 5, 15, 30 and 45 ton nomenclature.

    Key Features:

    High Quality Welds
    Process Consistency
    Faster cycle times
    Advanced control panel with need-based parameterization
    Custom-built to suit your business needs
    Extremely intuitive and user-friendly panel interface
    Remote diagnostics
    Designed for high-volume, high-quality and reliability
    Pre-emptive error detection and its elimination
    Fixture clamping and chuck options that can dramatically reduce changeover time
    Total automation
    Seamlessly integrate with your existing production line or a fully automated production cell
    The in-built de-flash option eliminates downstream processes and saves time
    State-of-the-art safety features


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