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S.W.A.T-Range from 500PRO PT to 1000PRO PT



    SigmaWeld SWAT ( SigmaWeld Accelerated TIG ) is a Key Hole TIG Process available upto 1000 Amps. It Increases the speed of welding upto 100% as compared to traditional GTAW process. No edge preparation is required upto 10 mm. We can do high speed single pass upto 1000 mm/ min without a filler wire upto 10 mm thickness. Heat nput is less so low distortion and can do swuare butt welds. This process is suitable for welding in 1 G and 2G Position. This process can weld material of SS, Duplex Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel and Titanium. We can retrofit this system on standard Automation set up.

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