Home Welding Machine PRO TIG -Range from 350PRO TIG to 500PRO TIG

PRO TIG -Range from 350PRO TIG to 500PRO TIG



    Sigma Weld Pro Series is State of the art digital welding technology with Modular design operating at 150kHz. Ensures very quick response time and better welding performance each time. Pro Series TIG welders can weld all kind of Arc welding elctrodes, Basic Rutile, Alloys and Cellulosic with ease. Special Settings available starting current, Hot start, etc., Modes available for Carbon Arc Gouging as well.In GTAW one can weld with HF Initiation or weld in Lift Arc mode. Intensity of HF can be adjusted in case of longer torches to ensure smooth starting each time. Special modes for SPOT welding and Liner tacking.

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