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    Powerful 3.5 HP pneumatic drive generating 12500 Nm (9259 ft.lbs) torque on the cutter blade. Variable speed control 0-5 rpm.
    No need for extra gear box that reduces the rpm and multiplies the torque. It comes as standard!
    150 mm (5,9”) One piece locking shaft with build in jaws, eliminates the issue of broken or loosening retaining springs and o-rings.
    One mandrel covers complete working range.
    Innovative 6 point locking system assures maximum stability during all machining operations.
    Only one mandrel and 6 Jaw sets needed to cover machines entire range.
    Self-centering shaft with build in jaws.
    Wide Clamps produce superior clamping force for chatter free end preps.
    Fully portable for on-site and Fab-shop work.


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