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Filter Bench -Table


    “The FilterBench is a self-contained downdraft table and is available in three different sizes. The FilterBench is used for extraction and filtering of dust from materials like composite, plastic, fiberglass and wood arising from lighter processes such as sanding, de-burring, linishing, fettling, ingredient weighing etc. Easy to use and always with extraction at hand. The FilterBench should not be used in an environment with danger of explosions or for dust in explosive concentrations. The FilterBench should not be used for hot or spark generating processes such as welding fumes or metal grinding.

    Easy to use and always with extraction at hand Pre-filter (G4) and HEPA-filter (H13) included as standard

    Simple on/off push button control making the product easy to understand and operate.Fan inverter included as standard making it possible to optimize air flow and minimize energy consumption Castors with swivel and brake included as standard making the product easy and safe to move and position”

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