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    D&H 16-8-2 (AWS Code: SFA 5.4 E16-8-2-16) is meant for the SMAW process with a focus on the For catalytic cracker structures as its main application.D&H 16/8/2 is a rutile coated, stainless steel electrode depositing 15.5Cr – 8.5Ni – 1.3Mo stainless steel weld metal. Electrodes provide excellent operating characteristics with easy slag detachability. The lean composition of weld metal minimize the in-service formation of inter- metallic compound, excellent hot ductility properties which offer freedom from weld or crater cracking even under high-restraint conditions. This lean version weld metal is ideally suited for welding stainless steels, such as types 16-8-2, 304H, 316H and 347H for high pressure, high temperature piping systems, and catalytic cracker structures. This product is know for its For welding 16-8-2, 316, and 347, for high pressure, high temperature piping systems. It is used by companies like LARSEN & TOUBRO (HED), JSW, Tata.


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