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    Batox B (AWS Code: SFA 5.4 E308L-15) is meant for the SMAW process with a focus on the Cryoginicas its main application.Basic coated electrode depositing low carbon 19Cr – 10Ni stainless steel weld metal which has excellent resistance to Intergranular Corrosion. The weld metal has higher resistance to cracking, oxidation, and scaling at elevated temperatures. It is ideally suited for welding of stainless steels of similar composition like 304L and equivalents, for overlays, surfacing, and repairing castings of similar materials. This product is know for its Excellent Toughness, Extra low carbon 19Cr – 10Ni weld metal, Cryogenic applications impact requirement at minus 196° . It is used by companies like GODREJ & BOYCE , ONGC, IOCL.


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