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Air Purification Tower


    “Nederman Air Purification Tower is a compact cartridge filter for decentralized indoor air purification.

    Dirty air enters the unit at floor level into the efficient filtration compartment, clean air is blown back into the workplace through 60 individually adjustable nozzles at high speed on top of the unit.

    The unit is delivered as two pre-wired components requiring minimal mechanical installation. With a built in fan it requires only power and compressed air supply to be connected to complete the installation.

    Inside the unit are 16 patented Uni-Clean filter cartridges. The filter cartridges are cleaned automatically by an energy efficient compressed air reverse pulse system. Cleaning is activated by an integral electronic controller. The filter is made out of 14 gauge (2 mm) galvanized and painted sheet metals.

    The Tower is easy to maintain thanks to the following features:

    – Front access allows easy inspection and service of the cleaning valves, compressed air tank and filter cartridges.

    – Ergonomic and easy maintenance of the unit, due to location of controller and electrical cabinet.

    – Simple emptying of the dust bin”

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