“We are planning to start region wise manufacturing to further capture the growing domestic market and introduce new products like brazing wires & fluxes for cladding.”

Interviews post authorEliza Bhalerao 15 November 2020

“We are planning to start region wise manufacturing to further capture the growing domestic market and introduce new products like brazing wires & fluxes for cladding.”

TJP Rao, Executive Director – Technical Services,
D&H Secheron

D&H Sécheron has been at the forefront of the Indian welding fraternity since its inception in 1966. How has been the journey so far?

The Journey was started with stick electrodes manufacturing; mainly E-6013 and E 7018 types. After sustaining the market, we slowly entered into other special products and penetrated all the fabrication industries. Later, the company introduced separate wing for manufacturing reclamation maintenance where all the repairs and maintenance products are manufactured and supplied to various industries like Cement, Mines, Sugar, Power Plants, Steel, etc.  After few years, our company invested in high productivity continuous welding consumables also. In this process, we established state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for GMAW, FCAW, SAW Wires & Fluxes, and GTAW wires for Hot/Twin wire with higher productivity.

As on date, we are one of the preferred manufactures with complete welding consumables and special equipments.

You have been recently promoted in your work role at D&H Secheron. Congratulations. How has been your experience with the company so far?

Yes. Company has given me a lot during my 27 years of long journey.  I do have some of the worth mentioning working areas, which are as follows;

  • Complete freedom of working and explore full throttle of potential
  • Exposed to complete range of products right from Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys and R&M Products and other special alloys
  • Visited pan India and abroad all most all our valued customers to understand requirements.
  • Hands on experience right from Engineer (R&D) position to current position
  • Complete experience of consumable of manufacturing process of SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW Wire & Flux and Flux Cored Wires.
  • Satisfaction on development of critical products and saving huge precious foreign exchange to the nation.
  • Familiar with all types of standards applicable to welding consumables& member of executive committee.
  • Established all critical lab equipments such as Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking, Hydrogen Induced Cracking, Drop Weight, Creep Machines and other Corrosion requirements in house to meet international standards.
  • Opportunity to interact with experts in the field.
  • Visited all R&D Labs to carry out special tests.
  • Expanded product approvals

The company offers a comprehensive package of welding products and services. Could you brief us on a range of welding solutions in the form of consumables, equipments, training and fabrication?

YES – Company is offering the following as on date a complete range of welding consumables like SMAW, GWAT, GTAW, SAW Wire & Flux, FCAW Joining and hard facing both Self shielded and Gas Shielded. Our Company undertakes jobs execution with more welding consumables and technology both in-house and on-site.

As a part of training, we organize Webinars, Seminars based on customer request and the topic interested to the customers. Proper reading material and presentation will be given and selection and usage of welding consumable with back up data and procedures.

Any recent developments / launches?

We have launched several new consumables. To name a few;

  • P91 & P92 consumables for power, petro chemical & refineries
  • Duplex &Super duplex consumables for Nuclear & refinery applications
  • Temper embrittlement resistant products for P11 & P22 materials welding in process plants.
  • Metal cored wires for cryogenic & high strength applications.
  • Hard facing Flux Cored Wires for roller arcing application.
  • High productivity fluxes for Tandem & Twin welding
  • High Speed SAW fluxes for fabrication.
  • Ship & Sub marine Building consumables
  • Special Solid wires for GMAW & SAW applications
  • Special TIG wires for advanced ultra super critical &ultra super critical technology power plants.
  • Special products for Nuclear steam generator applications
  • Consumables for Cross country pipe line applications
  • Special TIG wires for Aero space applications

Could you elaborate more on company’s efforts towards Training?

Over the years, lot of changes has taken place. They are attributed to a combination of information, research and use of technology.  It has led to automation of processes leading high productivity, consistent quality and safety. In this direction few processes were taken and focused for improvement by training.  Several webinars, Digital marketing initiatives and visiting in personal meeting with concerned users including welders to improve their skill for performing their job safely were undertaken.  These initiatives were taken into category wise customers to educate and develop skill on top priority.

The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has recognized D&H’s R&D Centre in 1979. Since then, the R&D Centre is renewing recognition based on the path-breaking achievements and developments. Please elaborate.

Over the years, several new products are developed and introduced in the market. Most of the consumables are import substitute since its beginning.  D&H Secheron is the first in developing consumables for the new material which are emerging in the market.  Some of the significant developments includes;

  • Niherme-2.5(Mod)
  • Cromotherme-91, 92 & 921
  • Cromotherme-1(RTE) & 2(RTE)
  • D&H 2594(NS)
  • Lotherme OA-653
  • Maxfil MC-31
  • Cellutherme 70 P1
  • Cromotherme-23
  • Cromotherme-24
  • Maxflux SAF-7 S
  • Maxflux SS-4 LT
  • Maxflux SAF-223(Spl)
  • Batox-D(NP)
  • D&H 1212(Mod)
  • Tensal-Mod
  • D&H 1223(NS)
  • D&H 1400(Mod)
  • D&H 444L-15
  • D&H 430 NM
  • Cromotherme-20 Mo
  • SS products with better welder appealing characteristics together with corrosion properties.
  • FCW wires for Hard facing & Joining.

How has been the market for the company in India and abroad? Which country has been the major consumer for D&H products?

Our major production is consumed in Indian market. But we also have our sale in other countries such as Middle East & African countries. Besides, we have a strong foot holds across Eastern Africa, Northern Africa and have built good roots in the Middle East.

Could you describe us on your state-of-the-art production facilities? Any expansion plans?

We have complete manufacturing set up with PLC & CNC machines where we have multiple High speed drawing and cutting machines. We have also setup automatic layer winding spooling machines, high capacity extrusion presses, automatic vacuum packing machines and automatic card board box packing from carton to box manufacturing.

Our upcoming expansion plans include a Stainless steel Flux cored wire production line with high productivity extrusion press. There will also be an on line SAW wire plant with new units to capture our growing export market. We are also planning to start region wise manufacturing to further capture the growing domestic market and introduce new products like brazing wires & fluxes for cladding.

What is your say on the Indian Welding market?

India’s present total GDP is 2.77 Trillion USD. Average GDP growth is 6.4%.  In this, the manufacturing Industry contribution is 16%. Indian welding market is USD 750 Million both consumables & equipments. As per present government, the GDP is targeted to grow up to 5 Trillion USD by 2024. To achieve this tall target, we need to push the manufacturing sector from present 16 per cent to 25%. So D&H Secheron has ample opportunity to contribute and enhance the market share.  Some of the investments announced by Government of India are the LPG pipe line from Guj to Gorakhpur with high strength steel with good fracture toughness, Advanced Ultra supercritical & ultra super critical technology to boost fuel efficiency. At present 192 GW to be increased to 330 GW by year 2031, as on date Nuclear Power has got 3% of share only & it was decided to add 21 Nuclear reactors with better technology. All the thermal power plants are advised to go for FGD to meet stringent pollution norms. All refineries are expanded with BS VI technology to reduce Sulphur levels in the fuel. Ship building and submarines as per Indian Navy new investment plan. Infrastructure builds up like Railway bridges & coaches. Each of these above listed mega projects will require several crores worth of welding done and we anticipate the market to grow by 10% each year in line with the infrastructure growth of the country. This is furthered by the national infra plan of 1 lakh crores over the next 5 years which will boost welding.

All these investments are going to give ample opportunities for Indian market.

Could you please share some of the interesting projects the company has work upon?

Some of the mega projects we supplied to;

  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat- The Sardar Sarovar Project is one of the largest water resources project of India covering four major states – Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Dam’s spillway discharging capacity (30.7 lakhs cusecs) would be third highest in the world. Our SMAW products Supratherme, Norma V, &Ultratensal MH were supplied to the project.
  2. The Bogibeel Bridge is India’s rail-cum-road bridge at 4.94 km. The bridge provides direct connectivity from Dibrugarh to Itanagar. Also, it’s railway track will reduce the travel distance by 705 km. The bridge’s lower deck has double line broad gauge rail tracks and upper deck is a road of three lanes. It is the country’s only bridge to have full welded steel-concrete composite girders. Our SAW wire and flux was supplied to the project.
  3. Kosi Rail Mega Bridge- The project was sanctioned by the Government of India during 2003-04. The Kosi Rail Mahasetu is 1.9 KM long and its construction cost is Rs. 516 Crore. This bridge is of strategic importance along the India-Nepal border. Our products Mergearc Gr-A and Mergearc SAF-2 for E-250 grade of steel, Mergearc Gr-B and Mergearc SAF-4 for E-350 grade of steel & Supratherme R supplied for the fabrication of different components in the project.

Which are your ongoing and upcoming projects?

Ongoing projects:

  • SAW Flux plant production automation
  • Solid wire production automation

Upcoming Projects:

  • SS FCAW production line
  • Strips for strip cladding
  • Fluxes for fused fluxes
  • Brazing wire and Fluxes
  • Powders for Hard facing applications.

What challenges do you come across and how do you manage to cope up with the same?

  • Meeting critical properties i.e. Impact together with strength in our position welds
  • Stringent chemistry with narrow range
  • Meeting delivery commitments
  • Meeting customer price expectations
  • Coping up by alignment of team & study.

Availability of skilled manpower is one among the major challenges. Your say. What is D&H’s role to cope up with the same?

We have engaged multiple man power suppliers to supply skilled & unskilled team and labour to our multiple factories to support diversification. We also made arrangements to stay in the company premises for manpower and train them to operate our machines while following the strictest COVID-19 protocols and operating procedures and keeping the health of our employees as top priority. D&H has consistently supported its labor and their families through its breadth of CSR efforts and in this case, during the pandemic also.

Safety at work is one of the key considerations. What is company’s effort towards health and safety?

We have our own Doctor in our premises to scrutinize each and everyone’s health & treatment properly.  We have a system in place with priority to take care WC, ESI and other statutory requirements.  We are also certified with ISO 14001: 2015 &OHSAS 18001:2007 and maintain all requirements as per standard.

What are your future plans for the upliftment of the company?

We aim to add new technology products into our range like Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires. We then also plan to Improve productivity by automation and reduce conversion cost. This is supported by adding more trained vendors to expand our products to reach end user

We will also introduce high value products like Ti, Cu, Al, Co & Others and Introduce strips and Fluxes for cladding. We will add Brazing alloys and add accessories. To the list of items we sell as we continue to expand within welding and related technologies.

We will use top notch technologies like AI, ML and block chain to minimize cost while maximizing revenue. Additionally top of the line systems that allow for smart learning, digital twins and predictive maintenance will be deployed.

Closing Message.

There are ample opportunities to grow as per recent initiatives taken by Govt of India. We need to keep control on cost, quality and delivery schedule to meet growth targets.

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