Success Story by Cloos


Introducing the first Robotic welding system on Indian shipping
Industry(GRSE) ,leading to a shift in welding technology trends.
Sumon Mitra, COO, Cloos India Welding Technology affirms Cloos is at the
forefront of the innovations with comprehensive solutions.
sumon Mitra
COO, Cloos India Welding Technology Pvt. Ltd.


CLOOS ROBOPLAN- Programming of welding and travel paths
as well as sensor routines on 3D models
While the robot system is in production. a new program can be
simultaneously produced in RoboPlan. RoboPlan allows the
generation of welding and travel paths as well as sensor routines
on models and the welding parameters and other functions
required for running the program can then be defined. The
program developed in this way is transferred into the robot
controller directly. This process is less time-consuming than the
generation of a new program in the robot system using the
TEACH process- Thus you increase the system utilisation. optimise
the production process and make your welding production more
1 Offline programming during production: Increase of the degree of
system utilisation
2 Quick product and adaptation: Optimization of the
production process
3 programming: Improved production planning
More parts within a shorter time: Higher flexibility

Mr. PR Hari, IN (Retd) , Chairman & Managing Director
of GRSE thankful introduction with CUMS Team
for successful inauguration.

Do you have challenge of non-repetitive workpiece for
automatic welding ?
Here is the success story to overcome it by CLOOS
automatic program generation software ROBOPLAN

Thanks to Team GRSE for qiving us the opportunity to provide
the state of the art system by CLOOS

Speed Weld – Pulsed arc process for rapid welding-
Voltage-controlled MIG/MAG pulsed arc for numerous

Speed Weld is used in all sectors of metal machining. The voltage-controlled MIG/MAG pulsed arc process allows a very high arc pressure even under demanding conditions. With Speed Weld you achieve high welding speeds because of the highly powerful arc. You benefit from the excellent weld quality due to the deep penetration. You avoid extensive reworks as spatters and undercuts are reduced to a minimum.

I High welding speeds due to the highly IN)powerful arc:
2 Excellent welding quality’ because of a deep penetration:
3 Reduced rework thanks to the pulsed arc technology’ with regulated
drop separation

Do you look for a stable all-round process which can
used either in the low- or in high-capacity range?
Then rely on Speed Weld by CLOOS!

CLOOS Arc Seam Tracking- During welding, the sensor
precisely checks the torch in relation to the
programmed path. This enables automated adjustment in the
event of any deviations to ensure consistent, high-quality
welding. Loss of time is minimised because measuring and
welding take place simultaneously with the arc sensor. At the
same time, workpiece distortion, e.g. due to thermal
expansion, is directly compensated for. The CLOOS arc sensor
thus combines productivity with optimised quality.

The QINEO NexT Premium has all important components and
functions-on board” so that you are perfectly prepared for the
future. The heart of the QINEO NexT is an inverter power unit
developed by CLOOS which clocks with a high frequency. This allows
an even better arc control for excellent results: The unique welding
characteristics enable you to solve complex welding tasks perfectly.
A multitude of optional components and functions make the QINEO
NexT to be your individual power source — exactly how you need it
for your tasks of automated welding-

To get the all innovative welding
process of CLOOS, please select
Qineo NexT in your workshop

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