CHAMP PULSE 500 is a multi-process welding outfit with an Inverter based Welding Power Source intended for use in GMAW welding application. The welding power source has both constant current (CC) & constant voltage (CV) characteristics which are suitable for MMA and PMIG/MIG/MAG and Self Shielded FCAW applications. Set output parameters is constant against input supply variations of +15 % and -10 %.  

Machine supports different welding modes like SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, Pulse Mig with single and double pulse mode with preprogrammed synergic data. The complete system consists of power source, water cooling unit, water cooled MIG torch, wire feeder with interconnecting cable & control cable between wire feeder & power source. CO2 or mixture of Argon and CO2 gas is used for shielding weld metal against atmosphere. 

CHAMP PULSE 500 operates over the range of 15A-500A (MMA/TIG) & 30A-500A (MIG/PMIG) with duty cycle of 60% and efficiency up to 85%.

It has a digital panel with graphical LCD for displaying & adjusting the welding parameters. It is available with adjustable current control & adjustable voltage control with selections via: MMA/ TIG/ MIG/ PULSE MIG, 2T/4T, Water cooled/ Gas cooled, wire speed/ current/ plate thickness, preflow/ post flow/ burn back etc. 7 Segment LED display for displaying actual current & voltage.  Its advanced digital control algorithm enables superior arc characteristics.

It has excellent arc force and hot start control in MMA mode for low current application. It is featured with fine arc length control in MIG & PMIG welding application. Its wire feeder with digital console for remote parameter setting providing digital pulse feedback from feeding motor causing accurate control of wire speed. 

It has facility to store 100 welding programs (weld parameters) with easy save and recall operation. Addition of synergic program externally for a particular wire is also possible through its USB facility.

Auto Resettable Protections are provided to protect Machine and Wire Feeder from Under Voltage, Over Voltage, Single phase, Over Heating, No Current Detection, Motor Overloading and improper interconnection in between Power Source and Wire Feeder

CHAMP PULSE 500 is suitable for Sheet metal welding, mostly it is used in the Automotive Industries and Steel/ aluminum Structure Industries. Pulse MIG process allows the operator much greater thermal control to apply enough heat for a successful weld, whilst avoiding distortion or burn-through. Pulse MIG is especially beneficial for welding thin stainless material where it is often extremely difficult, if not impossible, to avoid warpage/distortion with conventional MIG process. 

Pulse allows successful welding at lower temperatures with much better control of the welding pool.  In the case of double pulse mode, where the current alternates between the main current level and a secondary current level. This effectively multiplies the benefits of a single pulse, with even better thermal control, weld quality and appearance.

Champ Pulse 500 is mainly used for Pulsed MIG welding application which is one of the best welding processes for a wide variety of applications and metal types.