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TID : 68404383 | Dept Tender Number : SSG/QM/3001/CONTRACT | Tender Type :Buy

Supply Of Hardware Item , Ac Board (rhino) 4’X4’, Aluminum Angle Bit, Aluminum Net, Aluminum Plain Sheet, Basin Valve (steel) 1 ½ Inch, Basin Valve (steel) 1 ¾ Inch, Basin Valve (steel) 1 Inch, Basin Caplin (steel), Basin Mixture (ml-201) Adson, Basin Outlet Pipe, Basin Tap Pvc, Basin Tap(Steel), Bib Cock (co-21), Bib Cock (hd-21), Bib Cock (plastic)1/2”, Bib Cock (steel) ½”, Bib Cock 2 In 1 (xe-26) Xea, Bib Cock Long Nose (st-22), Bib Cock Long Nose (xe-22), Barbed Wire, Brick High Quality, Brush Iron, Bucket Gi Heavy, Bucket Plastic 05 Lt., Bucket Plastic 15 Lt (brite/cello), Bucket Plastic 18 Lt (milton Orbit/ Classic), Barbed Wire, Batali, Belcha, Board Hanging Clip, Brasso Metal Polish (500 Ml), Cement Paint (unicem/dorocem), Cement(Acc/Lafarge/Star/ Ambuja), Chips ½”, 1”, Cistern (hindustan), Cob Web Remover Plastic, Coconut Rope, Commode Set (hindustan) Indian Type, Commode Set (hindustan) Western Type, Cotton Rope, Cotton Rope For Flag, Cgi Sheet 45mm (tata), Cgi Sheet (tata)(assorted Size), Chach, Chandrosh, Connecting Pipe 1/2’”, 1 , Dah With Handle, Distemper (asian Paint), Distemper (burger), Distemper (nerolac), Door Closer Godrej (handle), Dustbin For Kitchen (10 Kg), Decorative Ply, Dendrite, Door Closer Godrej (handle), Door Mat, Door Stopper Brass, Dr Fixit, Drill Bit Iron, Drill Bit Wall, Drill Bit Wooden, Elbow (1 ¾ ), Elbow (1 ), Elbow (1 ), Elbow (1½ ), Elbow (2 ), Elbow (3 ), Fan Clamp, Float Valve (assorted), Floor Wipper, Flush Cock (xe-70) Xea, Fan Clamp, Fevicol, Fiber Curved Sheet (assorted Size), Fiber Plain Sheet, Floor Tiles 1’ X 1’, G I Elbow ( 2½ ), G.M. Valve, Gerumitti, Gate Valve ½”, Gate Valve 1 ¾ ”, Gate Valve 1”, Gate Valve 2 ”, Gi Elbow ( ½ ), Gi Nipple ( Assorted), Gi Pipe ¾”, Gi Pipe 1”, Gi Pipe 1½”, Gi Pipe 2”, Gi Pipe 2½”, Gi Pipe 3”, Gi Reducer Socket (1” & ½”), Gi Reducer Socket (1” & 2”), Gi Reducer Socket (1” X ½”), Gi Reducer Socket (1½ ” & 2½”), Gi Reducer Socket (3” & 4”), Gi Socket ½”, Gi Socket 1”, Gi Socket 1½”, Gi Socket 2”, Gi Socket 2½”, Gi Socket 3/4 ”, Gi T ( ½, 1, 1½, 2, 2½, 3 )”, Gutka For Pipe Line, Godrej Door Lock, G I Wire (guna), G I Barfi Net, G I Square Net, G I Wire Mesh, Gaita, Gi Plain Sheet, Gi Ridge, Gi Ridging 10 Ft, Gi Sheet 8 Ft, Glass 2 Mm, Glass 3mm, Glass 4 Mm, Glass 5mm, Glass 6 Mm, Glass Cutter Pen, Glass Fibre, Glass Putty, Grinded Glass For Toilet, Grass Killer Chemical (clinton / Round Up5, Grass Cutter Blade, Grass Cutter Assembly, Hammer, Hand Saw, Haxo Frame, Hinger (assorted), Hack-Saw Blade, Hand Saw, Haxo Frame, Herbicide, Iron Rod, Iron Chap With Randa, Iron Pin (nails) For Glass Pan, Iron Rod, Inverter 1 Kva With 200 Ah Tabular Battery (luminious & Exide), Inverter 1 Kva With 200 Ah Tabular Battery (amron & Exide), Jum Nut (1” & ½ ”), Jum Nut ½”(For Basin Tap), Leather Washer For Water Treatment Plant, Lock Ring, Locking Device For Cub-Board (ultras), Locking Device For Table (ultras), Looking Glass 4mm, Lime ( 10 Kg), Lime Brush 5″2″, Lime Pdr., Mug Plastic, M Seal (80 Gm), M Seal (100 Gm), Mop Floor, Mortice Handle Lock, Mosquito Coil, Mosquito Liquadator, Nylon Rope, Nylon Rope For Grass Cutter, Nipple ¾”X 6”, Nut & Bolt ( Various Size), Nylon Flexible Pipe 1”, 3/4”, ½”, Nylon Cord For Bush Cutter Machine, Nail (assorted Size), Niddle Big Size, Over Head Shower (oz-50) Sky, Over Head Shower (sk-50) Sky, Pencil Battery (eveready), Packer For Tara Pump (brasso), Pipe Wrench (18 No), Pillar Cock (ar-11) Aroma, Pillar Cock (fn-11) Fins, Pillar Cock (hd-11) Hydro, Pillar Cock (mm-11), Pillar Cock Foam Flow (ac-11) Ace, Plain Bath Spout (fn-61), Plunger For Hand Pump, Plunger Rod For Hand Pump, Plus (taparia) 8”, Push Tap Pvc, Push Tap Pvc, Pvc Container 50 Lts., Pvc Elbow 1 ½ Inch, Pvc Elbow (3” & 4”), Pvc Elbow ¾ , Pvc Elbow 2inch, Pvc Elbow 5”, 6”, Pvc Elbow Inch, Pvc Pillar Cock, Pvc Pipe ½”, Pvc Pipe ¾ , Pvc Pipe 1”, Pvc Pipe 2”, Pvc Pipe 3”, Pvc Pipe 4”, Pvc Pipe 5”, 6”, Pvc Reducer 5”, 6”, Pvc Socket ¾ , Pvc Socket 1/2”, Pvc Socket 1”, Pvc Socket 2”, Pvc Socket 3”, Pvc Socket 4”, Pvc Socket 5”, 6”, Pvc T 2 – 2 ½ Inch, Pvc T (3” & 4”), Pvc T ¾ , Pvc T 1 ½ Inch, Pvc Taj Bit (assorted), Pvc Tank (syntex, Triple Layered), Pvc Tank (supreme, Triple Layered), Pvc Tank (victus Waterwell, Triple, Pvc Tank (plasto, Triple Layered, Pvc Water Tap, Pad Lock 7 Lever (harisson/godrej), Pad Lock 9 Leaver (harisson/godrej), Paint – Floor Coated, Paint (asian Paints), Paint (burger), Paint (nerolac), Paint Brush, Paint Plastic, Paint Primer (nerolac), Paper Napkin (100 Pcs), Parja, Pvc Drum 200 Lts., Pvc Dust Bin 10 Lts., Pvc Dust Bin 25 Lts., Parja, Patti, Plastic Bit For Glass Pane, Ply Board 12 & 18 Mm, Ply Board 4 & 6 Mm, Ply Board 19 Mm, Putti (wall), Putty Black ( Tin Roof Treatment), Pvc Batali Head, Pvc Curtain Cloth (bath Room), Pvc Curtain Cloth (bathroom), Pvc Mosquito Net, Pvc Net Mesh, Red Oxide Pdr., Rope Plastic, Red Oxide Pdr., Reducer Socket 1x ¾”, Room Freshener 200 Ml, Ribon 1″, Red Hit (700ml), Saddle Piece, Seat Valve For Hand Pump, Shower – Hand (steel), Shower (steel), Shower Valve (steel), Sink Steel, Sink Cock (xe-34) Xea, Sink Cock(Sp-34) Blues, Solvent Cement 200 Gm, Steel Welding Bit, Solvent Cement 80 Gm, Swan Neck (mm-35), Swan Neck (wv-35), Syntax Cap, Syntex Cap, Sand, Sickle, Soap Case (good Quality Plastic), Soap Dish Steel Finish, Soap Dish Steel Finish, Soft Board 4×8 Size, Solvent Cement 200 Gm, Solvent Cement 80 Gm, Spade, Sutli, Sand Paper (iron), Sand Paper Wood, Sand Paper Roll, Spirit, Screw ( Various Size), Scrow- Tin, Sharpening File, Sharpening File (rate) 8”, Sharpening File (rate) 6”, Sharpening File (rate)10”, Sharpening Stone, Soft Board 4×8 Size, Ss Bracket For Curtain, Ss Bracket For Curtain, Ss Gate Hook, Ss Hook For Hanging Cloth, Ss Hook For Hanging Cloth, Ss Pipe For Curtain, Ss Pipe For Curtain, Ss Push Tap, Sun Rose, Sunmica, Siphone For Indian Commode (cera), Spray Machine 16 Ltr, Table Brush, Thinner, Towel Self Steel Finish Hindware F-840010, Tumbler Holder (saramic-f-840003), Tank Nipple, Tara Pump Bucket, Tara Pump Handle, Taplon Tape, Tap B2 Born, Tarpaulin, Tin Pasting Tarpaulin, Tin Pasting Tarpaulin, Touch Wood, Towel Ring, Tower Bolt, Tumbler Holder (saramic-f-840003), Tube Holder Street Light (havel), Tube Holder Street (bajaj), Union Socket (1/2” & 1”), Union Socket 1 ½ – 2 Inch, Union Socket 2 – 3 Inch, Union Socket 2 ½ -3 Inch, Urinal Pipe, Upvc Pipe ½ & 1”, Upvc Elbow 1’ &1 ½ “, Upvc T 1’ &1 ½ “, Urinal Pan (hindustan), U Nail, Umbrella (family Size) (mahendra Dutt Sons), Valve (steel) (1”&1/2”), Wash Basin (hindustan), Wash Basin Periware, Wash Basin With Stand Periware, Wall Putty, Washer, Washer (bituman), White Cement, Window/ Door Handle Steel, Wood/Iron Primer, Wrench No 12 To 25 No, Wrench No 5 To 12 No, Wall Mixture With Bend Ir-10(Iris), Wall Tiles 1’ X 8”, Wall Tiles 8” X 12”, Waste Paper Basket Plastic, Wall Clock (big Size) Ajanta, Wall Clock (medium Size) Ajanta, Chlorine (tcca – 90 Granuler), Alum (dcm), Alum (dcm), Algicide (astral Pool). at Goalpara,Assam,India

Classified in :#Adhesive#Battery and Cell#Bolts And Nuts#Brush#Building Material#Cement#Chemical#Cloth#Construction Machinery#Cutting Machine#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#door#Fasteners#Glass#Glassware Item#Grinder#Handle#Hardware And Accessories#Hook#Kitchen equipment#Light and Bulb#Lock#Lubricant Product#M S Pipe#Pipe#Meshes#Metal Sheet#Nails#Paint#Painting Brushes#Paper#Pipe- Plastic#Pipes / Fittings#Plastic product#Plywood#primer#pump#Rod#Rubber Product#Sand#Sanitary Items#screw#Soap#Stationery#Stone#Tank#Taps And Dies#Tarpaulin#Thinner#Tiles#Toiletries#Tool#Valve#Washer#Welding Electrode and Stores

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Tender Estimated Cost:Refer Document
Tender EMD:₹ 25000.00
Tender Doc Fees:Refer Document

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Tender Bid Submission Date:02-Feb-2024
Days Pending:11Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:03-Feb-2024

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Tender Location:Goalpara,Assam,India

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