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TID : 68401962 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2024/B/4502753 | Tender Type :Buy

Supply of Complete Solar Power System, Digital Watt Meter, Clinometer, Solar Tool Kit Box Bag, Portable Drilling Machine, Pliors Flat Nose Insulated, Measuring Steel Tape, Combination Plier Insulated, Screw Driver Set, New Tester, Electric Symbol Accessoriec Chart, H Vice, Table Vice, Crimping Tools, Clamp Meter, Multimeter, Electrical Loads Tube Light Cfl Led Light Etc Unit Watt Rating, Hacksaw Frame with Blade, Solar Cell Bases Sun Light Radiation Meter, Solar Photovataic Module, Poly Crystalline Module, Bench Vice 125mm, Pipe Vice, Rules Steel, Measuring Tape Non Matallic, Micrormeters, Vernier Calipers, Standard Wire Guage, Feeler Gauage, Dial Guage, Try Square, Tester, Ammeter Ac Dc, Volt Meter, Watt Meter, Energy Meter Analog 3 -digital 1, Ohmmneter, Clip on Meter, Megger, Multimeter, Digital Volt Meter Ammeter, Tachometer, Scissors, Pipe Cutter, Hacksaw Frame with Blade, Electric Drill Machine, Chisel 12mm, Chisel 36 Mm, Rasp File, Wood H Saw, Tennon Saw, Spannar Set, Screw Driver Set of 7, Mallet, Ball Peen Hammer, Combination Pliers, Side Cutting Pliers, Rheostat, Wire Stripper, Poker, Grease Gun, Oil Cane, Electrician Knife, Adjustable Wrench, Connectors, Crimping Tools, Firmer Chisel, Tennon Saw, Files, Claw Hammer, Pincer, Capacitor, Dimmer Stat, Lamp Bank, Stopwatch, Wiring Materials, Enamel Aluminum Copper Wire, Copper, Various Insulating Material, Soldering Iron, Modular Wiring Accessorics, Fan Regulator, Mcbs Ilcbs, Power Supplies, Desoldering Pump Wire, Cables, Microwave Oven, Mixer Juicer Food Processor, Tds Meter, Water Pressure Gauge, Water Purifier Ro Uv Uf, Spares for Micro Wave Oven as Required, H Glove Pairs, Geyser, Measurement Tape, Sewing Yard, Clear Ruler, Chipar Guide, Clear Ruler for Jointing, Wooden Tailoring Table, Mannequin, Tracking Wheel, Paper Scissors, Picking Scissors, Seem Reper, Thread Clear, Thread Needle, Babin, Loopturner, Sewing Machine, Interlocking Sewing Machine, Yard Stick Meter Stick, Iron Press, Ironing Board Swing Machine, Sleeve Board, Threembl, Fabricbas, Legshepar, Hengar, Brush, Holl Maker, L Square Scale, Tailor Art Curve, Skert Hem Maker Machine, Retractable Tap Major, Swing Box, Hip Curves, Iron Box Heavy Weight, Seem Roll, Almira – Skill Development Qty : 3704 at Indore,Madhya Pradesh,India

Classified in :#Adhesive#Agricultural equipment#Battery and Cell#Blower#Capacitor#Circuit Breakers/Fuse#Connector#Cutting Machine#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Diversified Power Plant Stores And Spares#Drill Machine#Fan and Blower#Gauge#Gloves#Hammer Set#Heater#Kitchen equipment#Lab Equipment#Light and Bulb#Measurement System#Meter#Other Electronic Devices#Oven#plant machinery#Pulley#pump#Scientific equipment#Sewing Machine#Solar Product#Stationery#Table#Testing Equipment#Tool#Transformer#Welding Electrode and Stores#Wire And Cable

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Key Values

Tender Estimated Cost:₹ 6000000.00
Tender EMD:Refer Document
Tender Doc Fees:Refer Document

 Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:29-Jan-2024
Days Pending:7Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:29-Jan-2024

Key Location

Tender Location:Indore,Madhya Pradesh,India
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