ULTRAVENT 6 – new millibar safety relief valve for gas systems

Maximum protection against minimum overpressure

With the new ULTRAVENT 6 safety relief valve, even the smallest increases in gas pressure, from 5 mbar upwards, can be controlled. Based on DIN EN ISO 4126-1, this extremely compact valve from WITT offers unprecedented blow-off performance and has outstandingly accurate opening and closing behavior, reproducible even in this millibar range.

Sensitive systems, vessels and production processes are thus safely and reliably protected against overpressure. For example, ULTRAVENT safety relief valves offer the precision and flow capacity required to protect low pressure hydrogen electrolysers, up to 270 °C. In addition, these top-quality valves can also be used as vacuum breakers or control valves.

Launch of a new product series

Model 6 is the first and smallest valve in the brand new WITT ULTRAVENT product range. Further models will follow shortly. It is a direct-acting, spring-loaded valve that opens and blows off when the opening pressure is exceeded. After pressure equalisation, the valve closes automatically. As a purely mechanical solution, the safety valve is significantly less complex, lower cost and also more reliable than more complex combinations of pressure transmitters and solenoid valves.

Performance leap thanks to flow-optimised design

With the innovative ULTRAVENT range, WITT has pushed the boundaries of what was previously technically feasible. The flow-optimised design enables a blow-off performance that is many times higher than before. Users can now use these significantly smaller valves in their systems without compromising on performance and safety.

The opening pressure of the ULTRAVENT 6 ranges from 5 to 500 mbar and is set at the factory according to customer requirements. On request, WITT can also supply a TÜV certificate for the set opening pressure.

Reliability tested in over 100,000 cycles

The extraordinary reliability of the new valve has been proven by rigorous testing over 100,000+ cycles. As always with WITT, every valve in the ULTRAVENT range is carefully tested before it is shipped to the customer.

ULTRAVENT 6 has a length of 36 mm with a diameter of 19 mm and a weight of approx. 45 grams. The oil and grease-free valves are suitable for almost all technical gases and are available in brass or stainless steel, with connections in 1/8 inch G or NPT female thread. Optional inlet and/or outlet filters are available to protect against contamination, and to extend service life.