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TID : 67988154 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2024/B/4431591 | Tender Type :Buy

Supply of 400x200x150 Mm, Wire Cutter Stripper, Adjustable Spanner Pipe Wrench 350 Mm, Ac Alternator Slip Ring Puller Variable, Air Blow Gun with Standard Accessories Trigger Operated with Interchangeable Nozzles, Air Ratchet with Standard Accessories, Air Impact Wrench with Standard Accessories, Battery Charger Capable to Charge Batteries From 5ah-150ah, Circlip Pliers Expanding Contracting 15cm 20cm, Cylinder Bore Gauge Capacity 20 to 160 Mm, Depth Micrometer 0-25mm, Different Type of Engine Bearing Model 10 Different Types on Board, Different Type of Piston Model 5 Different Typeson Board, Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 Watts 230 V 25 Watts, H Vice Up to 37 Mm, Multimeter Digital Lcd Display, Oil Can 0 5-0 25 Liter Capacity, Outside Micrometer 0 to 25 Mm, Outside Micrometer 25 to 50 Mm, Outside Micrometer 50 to 75 Mm, Outside Micrometer 75 to 100 Mm, Piston Ring Compressor, Piston Ring Expander Remover, Pliers Flat Nose 15 Cm, Pliers Round Nose 15 Cm, Pliers Side Cutting 15 Cm, Set of Stock Dies-metric, Sheet Metal Gauge, Steel Measuring Tape in a Case 10 Meter, Steel Rule 15 Cm Inch Metric, Tandem Master Cylinder with Booster, Torque Wrenches 5-35 Nm, 12-68 Nm 50- 225 Nm, Tyre Pressure Gauge with Holding Nipple, Automotive Water Pump for Dismantling Assembling, Chain Pulley Block-3 Ton Capacity with Tripod St 3 Ton Capacity with Tripod St, Cut Section Models of Shock Absorbers, Cut Section of Cross Ply Radial Tyres, Cut Section Working Model of Single Plate Clutch Assembly Single Plate Clutch Sectioned to Show the Internal Details, Front Axle Rzeeppa Joint with St for Dismantling Assembly Rzeppa Joint of Lmv, Steel Rule 30 Cm Graduated Both in English Metric Units, Inside Spring Caliper 150mm, Hermaphrodite Caliper 150mm, Divider Spring 150 Mm, Centre Punch 100 Mm, Hammer B P 0 5 Kg, File Flat Bastard 300 Mm, File Flat 2nd Cut 250 Mm, File Flat Smooth 200 Mm, Screw Driver 10 X 200 Mm, Combination Plier 150 Mm, Safety Glasses, Surface Plate 400 Mm X 400mm Grade, Scribing Block Universal 300 Mm, Try Square 300 Mm, Outside Spring Caliper 200 Mm, Hammer B P 800 Gms with Handle, Angle Plate Adjustable 250 X 150 X 175 Mm, Punch Letter Set 3 Mm, Punch Number Set 3 Mm, Clamps C 100 Mm, Clamps C 200 Mm, Tap Die Set in Box Metric Pitch 6 Mm to 12 Mm, File Half Round 2nd Cut 250 Mm, File Triangular Smooth 200 Mm, Tool Bits Holder Armstrong L H, Tool Bits Holder Armstrong R H, Table Chuck 75 Mm Jaw Swivel Base, Machine Vice Swivel Base -150 Mm, H Vice 50 Mm Jaw, Radius Turning Attachment, Angle Turning Attachment, Compound Angle Vice Standard Sine, Universal Machine Vice 100 Mm, Base Chuck for Slotter to Suit the Machine, Shaper Indexing Center to Suit the Machine, Chair for Instructor, Table for Instructor Qty : 491 at Deoria,Uttar Pradesh,India

Classified in :#Angle#Audio/Video Equipments#Automobile Ancillaries#Axle#Battery and Cell#Bearing#Can#Chair#Compressor#Cutting Machine#cylinder#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Gauge#Glass#Hammer Set#Handle#Hook#Lab Equipment#Leather#M S Plate#Measurement System#Mechanical Equipment#Meter#Microscope#plant machinery#pump#Scientific equipment#Spanner#Spring#Stationery#Table#Taps And Dies#Tool#Welding Electrode and Stores#Wire And Cable#Wrenches

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Tender Estimated Cost:Refer Document
Tender EMD:₹ 58000.00
Tender Doc Fees:Refer Document

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Tender Bid Submission Date:15-Jan-2024
Days Pending:9Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:15-Jan-2024

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Tender Location:Deoria,Uttar Pradesh,India

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