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TID : 67271887 | Dept Tender Number : GEM/2023/B/4319089 | Tender Type :Buy

Supply of Half Wave Rectifier Kit, Microprocessor kit 8085, Micro Controller Kit 8051, Expt Board to draw firing characteristics of a SCR, 7 5 kw variable frequency drive, Digital Multimeter, Resonance Circuit Trainer, Hydrometer, standard wire gauge, Silent Generator 5 5 KVA, Digital Earth Resistance metre kit, 16 F 877 PIC Microcontroller kit, Three Phase Alternators for Parallel operation, 1100 VA Solar Inverter, Lead Acid Battery, Servo Automatic Voltage stabilizer 10 Kva, Single phase Analog energy, Analog Insulation tester, Geyser, room heater, Washing Machine Semi Automatic, Electric Kettle, Changover, Electric Drill Machine, Binary Half And Full Adder, R-S J-K D T Flip Flops kit, Logic Trainer Kit, Kirchhoff Laws In D C, Single Phase RLC Series Circuit, 3-Phase Circuits, Resistance By Kelvin Double Bridge, Inductance And Capacitance With the Help Of a Suitable A C Bridge, Transformation Ratio Regulation Efficiency, Parallel Operation Of Single-Phase Transformers, Over under voltage relay, Over current earth fault relay, Frequency Meter, Three phase slipring Motor Cut View Model, Celing Fan Coil winding Machine, Frequency Meter Digital, MultiMeter Analog Standard, Dc Chopper, Trainer Kit DIAC, Speed Control Of DC Motor, Single Phase Induction Motor, Single phase half controlled bridge converter, Star Delta Starter 5 HP, Three Phase Motor 5 HP for Locked Rotor, Digital Clamp-On- Meter, Tachometer Digital, Portable Moving Coil Ammeter DC, Portable Moving Iron Ammeter AC, Portable Moving Coil Voltmeter DC, Portable Moving Iron Voltmeter AC, ortable Moving Iron Voltmeter AC, Wattmeters, Power Factor Meter, Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, Rheostat, Three tube rheostat, Inductive Coil, Crimping tool, Contactor, Twin Plc Tainer Kit, Inverter, Washing Machine, Transformer Coil Winding Machine, Motor coil winding machine, Immersion Rod, Induction Heater, AC motor DC generator set, DC compound motor with DC compound generator, Single Phase alternator, DC Series Motor coupled with DC series generator, Pole changing Motor, Single Phase Transformer, Synchroscope, Iron Core Inductor, Single Phase Variac, Three Phase Variac, Power measurement Apparatus with CT PT, Battery Charger, Fan speed control Kit using TRIAC, Vrla Battery, Earthing Kit, Led Acid Battery, Electrician Tool Kit, Mono Block Pump. Qty : 197 at Poonch,Jammu-kashmir,India

Classified in :#Battery and Cell#Diversified Computer Hardware And Peripherals#Diversified Electrical Spares And Stores#Drill Machine#Fan and Blower#Gauge#Generator#Heater#Lab Equipment#Light and Bulb#Measurement Apparatus#Meter#Motor#Other Electronic Devices#plant machinery#pump#relay#Scientific equipment#Solar Product#Stabilizer#Testing Equipment#Tool#Transformer#Washing Machine#Welding Electrode and Stores

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Tender Bid Submission Date:30-Dec-2023
Days Pending:8Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:30-Dec-2023

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Tender Location:Poonch,Jammu-kashmir,India

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