Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation Of India Limited


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TID : 67265630 | Dept Tender Number : USFDTestingREWARI-Dadr | Tender Type :Contract

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation Of India Limited for Providing of USFD testing of Rails through B Scan machine(9 Probes), USFD testing of FB welds by phased Array ultrasonic weld testor, USFD testing of AT welds, SEJ of main line & loop lines as per RDSO approved methodology in Rewari-Dadri section in the jurisdiction of CGM/Noida. at Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India

Classified in :#Consultancy Service#Ultrasonic Flaw Detector#tester#Welding Electrode and Stores

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 Key Values

Tender Estimated Cost:₹ 30112443.00
Tender EMD:₹ 300600.00
Tender Doc Fees:₹ 11800.00

Key Date

Tender Bid Submission Date:29-Dec-2023
Days Pending:16Days
Tender Bid Opening Date:29-Dec-2023

Key Location

Tender Location:Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India
Address:Wdfc Field Unit-noida-civil/wdfc

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